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Hot Topics for 2022 Marketing

6 Critical Items to Address When Creating Your 2022 Marketing Plans.

Marketing activities have undergone transformative changes in recent years, with the last 18 months representing a true shift in the very ways we communicate. This was especially evident in B2B marketing, where efforts that were “must haves” in traditional plans became impossible overnight.

Smart B2B marketing strategies continually adapt to the changing landscape, and no matter how big recent changes were, we are proud to have partnered with brands to help them not only survive, but to succeed. As we look forward, we are excited at the new opportunities we see in B2B marketing for the upcoming year, and the many ways we are working with organizations to move ahead.

Critical Topics in 2022 Marketing Strategies

1. Leveraging Digital Tactics to Build Awareness and Drive Sales – even before COVID operations began, Americans spent more than 8 hours a day on average in front of a screen. While the shift to digital began long before that, it’s important that brands continue to re-strategizing their digital approach, and strengthen these initiatives so they are the core driver of leads and sales.

2. Streamlining Digital Sales Funnels – customer expectations for easy, efficient and fulfilling digital experiences are higher than ever. Now is the time to refine and improve your communications for an increasingly-digital world. From the first visit to your website, and every step through (and beyond) a sale, your marketing and sales funnels must be refined for optimal digital experiences.

3. Account Based Marketing – marketers need to reach the right audiences to drive quality leads and ultimately sales. Account based marketing uses a strategic approach to develop smart campaigns, leveraging the vast amount of “big data” out there to communicate with highly-specific B2B targets. Learn more about our approach to B2B Account Based Marketing, and learn how this can help you reach those “big fish” targets.

4. Optimizing & Reallocating Trade Show Budgets – everyone is excited to be back in person. However, long before COVID, most brands were decreasing their trade show investment. The last 18 months have shown there are new, and often better and more targeted ways, to reach prospects. We aren’t saying no trade shows, but it’s time to evaluate the total investment in trade show activities, and where the most return will be found.

5. Recruitment Marketing – a company’s need to sustain and grow its workforce is greater now than perhaps any time in recent memory. Virtually every company we work with, especially with our agency’s focus in highly-competitive STEM and B2B fields, has a critical need to recruit. We are working hand-in-hand with marketing and HR departments to help craft new approaches and ideas to grow talent pipelines.

6. Influencer Strategies – not just for B2C brands, influencer marketing has become an important component of many industrial, technological and strategic B2B marketing initiatives. From product placement on social media, to carefully nurtured partnerships with key organizations and personalities, influencer campaigns can yield a big impact for brands looking to build loyalty and awareness.

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