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The Creative Strategy

A leading, international manufacturer of medical components and assemblies, OKAY Industries is widely recognized for its expertise, innovation and precision.

This advertising campaign focused on these key factors – that when it comes to manufacturing components used to save lives, close is just not good enough, and that quality is always king.

Stifel Marcin was ready to develop and roll out an effective and powerful new series of ads to highlight this higher purpose and unrivaled commitment to excellence.

Stifel Marcin’s B2B media team negotiated and placed the ad in digital platforms and trade publications, maximizing visibility and impact for the client, and giving the OKAY Industries brand a powerful market presence.


This campaign leveraged creative phrasing to connect with the reader and drive home the critical importance of precision and quality, while highlighting OKAY Industries’ highly-trained experts who manufacture such important components. Visuals were actual components manufactured by OKAY, creatively presented to transform into horseshoes and crowns.

Key Benefit Positions

With a prominent, impactful headline and a call-to-action that led not to a “buy our stuff” page, but instead to a customized landing page specifically created by Stifel Marcin, we quickly and creatively presented key benefit positions.

“The Stifel Marcin team has truly become an extension of our team. They have helped create internal brand alignment and have consistently delivered strategic and thoughtful marketing solutions that drive leads, build brand awareness and loyalty.” – Marie

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