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The Creative Strategy

Pearse Bertram, a leading distributor of industrial automation and process control solutions, also offers services in contract manufacturing and assembly. The company partnered with Stifel Marcin on a B2B email marketing campaign, working to engage customers, promote the addition of new product lines, and cross-sell services and equipment.

Leveraging Pearse Bertram’s brand standard colors, Stifel Marcin developed a clear email blast layout that provided responsive rendering for both mobile and desktop devices, and a quick presentation of information. A series of email templates were developed to complement the content presented, with the text written by the Stifel Marcin content marketing team.

Product imagery and brand logos were featured prominently in the designs when relevant, helping to illustrate the extensive Pearse Bertram product line and provide a quick visual content presentation. A variety of links to the website, as well as clear calls-to-action were included in each email. Not only did these provide value to the reader – with access to free tradeshow passes and additional product information – but also drove customers to the website to potentially begin the buying process

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Media Implementation

Stifel Marcin provided distribution and management of the B2B email newsletter campaign using the client’s extensive contact list. After-send data tracked open rates, interactions and more. The performance and results of each email blast were analyzed by the Stifel Marcin digital marketing team and helped to guide future email marketing efforts and content.

“The Stifel Marcin team has truly become an extension of our team. They have helped create internal brand alignment and have consistently delivered strategic and thoughtful marketing solutions that drive leads, build brand awareness and loyalty.” – Marie

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