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Recruitment assets helped OKAY Industries to reach a broad audience while conveying the company’s purpose-based work.


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The Challenge

This integrated marketing campaign case study presents OKAY Industries, a rapidly-growing international manufacturer focused on engineering and manufacturing precision medical components. As the company expanded its customer base and capabilities, recruiting top talent became a top priority. Stifel Marcin worked with OKAY Industries to help position the company in the competitive recruitment marketplace.

A comprehensive recruitment marketing plan was developed to help the company convey its unique benefits and purpose-based work, while maximizing advertising dollars and making a powerful impact. Work completed included:

  • Campaign Concept Development
  • Advertising Assets For Print and Digital
  • A Recruitment Microsite
  • Branding Of Employee Programs
  • Brochures and Internal Literature
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Event Displays, Giveaways and Graphics.
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Conveying the Story & Benefits

Recruitment assets for OKAY Industries had to reach a broad audience, from senior-level staff to millennials, and attract a diverse range of prospects with different skill sets. Manufacturing as a career field also presented a barrier, as outdated ideas of environments as dark, dirty and dangerous (the “three D’s”), also needed to be overcome. Stifel Marcin created a testimonial campaign, which visually depicted the cutting-edge technology and clean environments of OKAY Industries, and which highlighted employees, personalizing the workforce who have already made successful careers there and allowing them to tell their stories.

integrated marketing campaign case study

Connecting with the Target Audience

The main campaign concept championed a career in manufacturing as a way to achieve success, while also highlighted the idea of purpose-based work. In addition to focusing on company offerings and presenting OKAY Industries as a friendly and supportive environment, a high-value campaign was created without requiring the corresponding large budget that a larger manufacturer would utilize.

Media & Implementation

Stifel Marcin began by making a careful assessment of company needs and examining targets to plan the year-long marketing budget and the media placements, across both digital and traditional platforms. Additionally, Stifel Marcin worked with OKAY Industries in the branding and deployment of its internal employee training program, COMPASS. Recruitment campaign assets were deployed across a variety of media platforms, in-person events and international locations, working to provide the company with an effective return for a low cost.

The overall campaign worked to attract talent and position that OKAY Industries, while not the biggest manufacturer, was a company committed to its employees today and in the future, where people could make a difference.

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Integrated marketing campaign case study for recruitment campaign

“The Stifel Marcin team has truly become an extension of our team. They have helped create internal brand alignment and have consistently delivered strategic and thoughtful marketing solutions that drive leads, build brand awareness and loyalty.” – Marie

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