Stifel Marcin Welcomes Carolyn Eyler as Creative Director/Project Lead


Glastonbury, CT – Stifel Marcin, a Connecticut-based business-to-business marketing agency, is proud to welcome Carolyn Eyler as Creative Director/Project Lead.

An award-winning, process-driven creative strategist and design manager with an emphasis in healthcare, publishing, manufacturing, banking and finance, and media and entertainment, she has led creative teams for marketing and digital agencies, media companies, design studios and corporate marketing functions. In her new role at Stifel Marcin, Eyler will provide leadership to the creative team, oversee all workflow elements related to marketing campaign activities and offer strategic support to clients, partners and account executives.

“We are very excited to have Carolyn join our team. Her commitment to excellence, passion for thoughtful creativity, and extensive background in B2B marketing will help us provide the highest level of quality and results for our clients,” said Andrew Stifel, Founding Partner, Stifel Marcin.

“I am always thinking big picture, no matter the task at hand. What matters to me is solving the problems my clients face and going the extra mile in the process,” said Eyler. “I think first and do second—considering how every element in a marketing campaign works as part of a whole. Whatever I do, it’s important to me that it stands out, makes sense and works well.

Eyler earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Studio Art from Southern Connecticut State University. She lives in Cheshire, CT with her husband and two children, enjoys going to their baseball and basketball games and spending time with family and friends.


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