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Speak one-on-one with your customers – both digitally and physically – with our direct marketing services for B2B companies.

Direct Response Advertising that Generates Actions & Results

From Stifel Marcin’s beginnings, our direct mail marketing has produced industry-leading response percentages, driving leads and increasing sales. With both digital and traditional opportunities, B2B direct marketing lets companies speak one-on-one with customers and produces measurable results.

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Direct Response Digital Marketing

During our almost two decades in business, Stifel Marcin’s has witnessed the increasing importance of B2B direct marketing. With the prominence of technology in our lives (the average American spends more than 10 hours a day in front of a screen), as well as the lower costs of distribution, digital direct marketing for B2B companies is a key asset in any B2B advertising campaign.

The variety of digital B2B direct marketing opportunities is extensive, though all of them provide one huge benefit: trackable analytics. Stifel Marcin’s team of expert B2B direct marketing pros has the experience and expertise to evaluate digital data and performance details, to identify the return, the success and the value of digital direct marketing campaigns.

Opportunities for Responsive Marketing In Digital Formats

Stifel Marcin’s digital marketing capabilities are extensive, and we demonstrate to our industrial clients the value of these initiatives. While many think of email-based messages when they think of B2B digital direct marketing, there are a wide variety of digital marketing opportunities for B2B companies that can be explored based on campaign goals and target audience profiles, including:

  • Email blasts
  • e-Newsletters
  • Text message marketing (SMS)
  • Multimedia “text” message marketing (MMS)
  • Content marketing

2D & 3D Direct Marketing For B2B Companies

Often overlooked in today’s high-tech world, traditional “physical” B2B direct marketing mailers and handouts can still provide highly-effective results. Our award-winning direct marketing creative teams produce eye-catching, unique mailers that get noticed and get people to act. We love to think “out of the box” – even if we are delivering a helium balloon in a box (which we have) – for a variety of B2B direct marketing experiences.

While we still create many 2D printed mailers (like postcards, flyers, etc.) often our B2B direct marketing efforts focus on unique, 3-dimensional pieces. We develop 3D mailers that stand out from the “usual” mail people receive, with concepts that emphasize marketing themes and benefit-oriented messages. While this type of B2B direct marketing typically requires a higher cost-per-piece, they also lead to higher levels of visibility and conversion.

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