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A careful strategy that combines both organic and paid opportunities, B2B SEM (B2B search engine marketing) leverages a diverse array of strategic branding, smart content development, and masterful data analysis to get your website at the top of search engine results.

A B2B SEM Agency Helping Companies Achieve Top Search Results

Since our very beginnings, Stifel Marcin has offered effective B2B search engine marketing agency capabilities that generate sales, helping clients position their brand in the right search engine results. As a full-service agency, we can combine our detailed understanding of industrial products and services with content development, search engine algorithms, complex paid opportunities and data analysis to deliver trackable results.

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Results-Driven B2B Search Engine Marketing – Expert Consultants Delivering Tangible Solutions

The B2B search engine marketing and pay-per-click advertising industries are littered with companies that don’t deliver on their promise. Stifel Marcin has a proven track record of effective B2B SEM agency capabilities – in fact, some of our clients rely solely on their website, and the marketing campaigns we run that drive people to their website, to generate sales. More than some vague concept of code, robots and programmatic buys, our B2B search engine marketing strategies are built around code, content and careful planning.

Companies that work with Stifel Marcin see results. We track leads generated, monitor activity on their website and analyze performance. Additionally, our B2B SEM agency services are summarized in clear and organized reports that help companies understand their position. Our B2B search engine marketing reporting also includes a key item: an itemization of our results to date. When clients contract Stifel Marcin’s B2B SEM agency, we want them to see our efforts, and the connection of results to those efforts.

B2B SEM Agency Efforts: Organic vs. Paid

As B2B Search engine marketing has become more complex, our services have evolved to ensure we best serve our clients with powerful messages that return results. The crossover between content strategysocial media marketingvideo marketing and search engine marketing has become greater, and we deliver our best results through a strategic deployment of both paid and organic B2B SEM agency efforts.

Traditionally, our organic search engine marketing focused on content and code. Our programmers, web developers, content writers and marketers collaborate to ensure your brand appears for target keywords by:

  • Writing content focused on target terms.
  • Coding website pages for maximum search engine visibility and compliance.
  • Creating diverse content, like video, text and social media materials, that search engines seek.
  • Providing clear calls-to-action and information delivery.
  • Monitoring a company’s website, users, interactions and performance.
  • Tracking rankings and leads.

In comparison, paid B2B SEM agency services focus on ad placement, delivery, and keyword evaluation. While there is an inherent crossover with organic efforts (for example, paid ad costs are lower if a search engine believes your content is more relevant to a search query), paid B2B search engine marketing often includes:

  • Writing of ads, both traditional and dynamically created, based on user queries.
  • Bidding on keyword terms and maximizing budget.
  • Sponsoring ads on social media marketing platforms.
  • Managing pay-per-click marketing sites, like AdWords® and Bing®.
  • Developing landings pages with high conversion rates and good quality scores.
  • Tracking rankings and leads.

Whether our B2B SEM agency efforts fall into the paid or organic categories, the end goal is the same: putting your brand at the top of the search engine results and getting your company sales.

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