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Beyond the Booth

Now more than ever it's imperative to have an adaptable trade show marketing plan to meet your prospective customers where they're at, whether in person or digitally.

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For many years, when creating a B2B marketing plan, many companies would have allocated a significant amount of resources – dollars, staff and equipment – to trade shows. After all, at the right show, a B2B organization could reach a large audience of specific targets in a few short days. But all that has changed.

It is critical to adapt your trade show marketing plan effectively, and quickly, to keep your lead pipeline flowing and your brand visible.

For those who have attended trade shows regularly over the years, you have likely witnessed a decline in attendance – both in visitors and exhibitors. Now, with a new contactless, COVID environment, trade show marketing tactics must be adaptable and flexible to meet audiences where they are, both in person and virtually.

Luckily, even before this, Stifel Marcin approached trade show marketing with a more integrated and digital approach, one that went well-beyond your booth.

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Trade Show Marketing Services Beyond the Show Floor

Today’s modern customer already required a more integrated approach even before Zoom® meetings became the norm. Prospects require multiple touchpoints in their journey, and your brand must be visible at every opportunity in the sales cycle. With the show floor now both in-person and virtually, it is time to reach those specific target customers and industries with new tactics.

As full-service B2B marketing agency, we know how to develop a new marketing plan – replacing trade shows and replacing (and improving) those leads – while maximizing the return on your investment with efforts such as:

  • Trade show booth design, displays and tabletops
  • Interactive, digital customer presentations and literature assets
  • Customer persona building and account-based digital campaigns
  • Campaigns using geo-targeting, geo-fencing and engagement-based tactics
  • Video marketing and webinars
  • Social media marketing with show, industry and audience-specific targeting
  • Digital remarketing campaigns
  • Content marketing – for inbound leads on digital platforms and via email
  • Media placement in trade media, both printed and electronic
  • Press releases and media visibility
  • Search engine optimization and pay-per-click campaigns

Marketing Plans That Make An Impact

Stifel Marcin’s team of B2B marketing pros can assist you at every step in your marketing plan – from the development of a approach that replaces a highly-active B2B trade show calendar, to adding an array of digital tactics to your marketing arsenal. Contact us for a free consultation or to discuss your needs, and get ready to Power Up Your Marketing.


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