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Andrew Stifel

Andrew Stifel provides expert client relationship management, leadership and creativity. He founded Stifel Marcin in 2001 with the goal of exceeding customer expectations.

Results-Driven B2B Marketing Experience

After years in the advertising industry, Andrew decided to open his own agency to consistently provide solutions that clients could trust. He spearheaded our agency value system which guides how we operate – with a focus on honesty, value and a client-first mindset.

With a strong background in art direction, Andrew is the lead creative at Stifel Marcin who uniquely balances “left brain” and “right brain” thinking, helping to build results-driven and impactful campaigns. He loves to work one-on-one with clients, learning about industrial products and markets, and expertly crafts messaging that champions a brand and speaks directly to a B2B audience.

Andrew has acted as a company lead for more than 20 years, providing vision and a “roll-up-your-sleeves” approach, which has helped Stifel Marcin to become an industry leading full-service B2B marketing agency.

Creative Leader, Holistic Thinker, Relationship Builder.

Growing up in an advertising display company – CenConn Advertising – Andrew was raised in the world of advertising, marketing and design. After earning his degree in Graphic Design, Andrew earned his stripes working in Hartford-area agencies before venturing out on his own in 2001. He continually demonstrates that great design and smart marketing insights are central to effective campaigns, and is proud to have produced, and continue to produce, year-over-year sales and growth.

A master of branding and design, Andrew is the creative leader at Stifel Marcin, and ensures that the agency is driven by excellence. As one of the few marketing agencies founded by a “creative” – Andrew’s dedication to quality design sets Stifel Marcin apart.

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A Conversation with Andrew

What attracted you to a career in marketing?

Growing up in an advertising family business, I was introduced to the industry early on. You might say marketing is in my blood. But I was always drawn to design, and the marketing field allows me to combine my technical and creative thinking.

What motivated you to start your own agency?

I had worked for other agencies and felt that I could deliver stronger value and a stronger dedication to meeting a client’s goals. Christine Marcin and I both grew up working in our family businesses, and I think we were raised understanding that people’s businesses and people’s work represents something bigger. And we try to honor their work by doing our best every day.

It was certainly a leap of faith to go out on my own and build a business from the ground up, but I believed in my vision that was based on serving the customer and I guess 20 years later, people agree.

What do you like about B2B marketing specifically?

I am a hands-on person. I like to build, fix and problem solve. As we built a client base of manufacturing, medical and industrial clients, I was, and am, continually amazed by the innovation and creativity throughout the industry. I find that people in B2B are very passionate about their products and services, and that passion aligns with our drive to celebrate and lift their stories to grow their brands.

Our agency is a strong advocate of B2B fields and we’re dedicated to supporting organizations like Women in Manufacturing, CBIA, the Smaller Manufacturers Association of Connecticut (SMA) and Precision Metalforming Association in their efforts to advance industry growth and inspire the next generation of leaders.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I still love diving into the design. Collaborating with our clients and working to distill their complex concepts and products into a compelling visual story, that also impels people to act, is always rewarding.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

One piece of advice I like to share with other designers – if you have something that is designed well, go back and see if you can improve upon it just a little bit more. Never settle for good enough.

How do you define success?

A motto here at Stifel Marcin is “our success is our clients’ success”. We work as a team to truly understand their business goals. We pride ourselves on cooperative partnerships and are driven to produce the best marketing plans and tools that will help them achieve their goals while maximizing ROI. Seeing brands thrive and businesses grow is extremely rewarding.

And as a business owner, I am proud of the positive work environment we have built for our employees. Our agency was created around the idea of a family business, and we value work-life balance.

When you have some downtime, where can we find you?

My family loves the ocean. Being out on the water – hopefully fishing – is an ideal day.

What’s a little-known fact about you?

With my family background growing up in a sign and display company, I can still gold leaf carved signs as well as hand letter. It’s a long-lost skill.

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About Stifel Marcin

Unlike many advertising and marketing agencies, B2B isn’t just something that we do, it’s all we do. We’ll work to help your brand achieve its goals through the strategic combination of creativity, communication and technology. And as your cooperative partner, our integrated B2B marketing agency is fully dedicated to your success.

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