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Our B2B PPC agency creates targeted campaigns that maximize ROI, with expert strategies that put your content in front of the right audiences at the right time.

3 %
Increase in Q1 Click-Through-Rate
23 %
Increase in Clicks in First Quarter
3 %
Decrease in Cost-Per-Click in Q1

Our Approach

Pay-per-click, or PPC, marketing allows you to reach highly-targeted audiences on a variety of platforms across the web. From search engines to display networks to social platforms, our team knows how to create the content and placements that gets people to act.

As part of our integrated marketing capabilities, we offer B2B PPC agency services strategically developed to meet your unique needs. From concept to ad creation to targeted placements, Stifel Marcin works to generate return on every click and helps you achieve your marketing goals.

Our in-house team brings a detailed understanding of a wide variety of digital strategies and platforms, including Google ads management service and Bing ads management service.

For 20+ years companies have relied on Stifel Marcin for success. Our B2B expertise drives results, and we are ready to help you meet your objectives. Together, let’s power up your marketing.

“Working with Stifel Marcin was like a breath of fresh air. They take the mission of their client to heart, and are relentless in their pursuit of a quality product that delivers.”

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From intent-based to contextual to remarketing, our digital marketing capabilities get your content in front of target audiences using strategies that optimize every click.
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Integrated & Results-Driven B2B PPC Agency Services

From remarketing ads that display to people who have visited your website, to messaging informed by a visitor’s web browsing history, our strategic B2B PPC campaigns are built to deliver results.

Our experienced team analyzes an array of data when evaluating paid marketing effectiveness. Click-through-rates, costs-per-click, ongoing traffic impact, and conversions are constantly monitored. With our B2B expertise, we are not only focused on click quantity, but also click quality, ensuring your budget is focused on the audiences with the best conversion potential.

Contact our team today. Whether you are looking for a full marketing partner or need the support of our B2B PPC agency services, Stifel Marcin can help. Let’s discuss your goals and create a plan to power up your results.

Targeted PPC Advertising Across Channels

A good B2B PPC agency is a vital component of your overall marketing plan, and our integrated capabilities allow us to support brands on search, content, digital and beyond. Whether your ad is on Google™Bing™LinkedIn™Facebook™ or other platforms, our team is here to help you succeed.

With ongoing reporting, clear communication and constant monitoring of your KPIs, our B2B PPC agency management services ensure your campaign is always performing, and you are never in the dark as to how your budget is being spent.

As a fully integrated marketing partner, our B2B PPC agency experts take care of all aspects of your campaign. From content creation, landing page development, strategy and support, working with Stifel Marcin means there are no surprises. Our partnership approach comes with a complete dedication to your success.

B2B Marketing is All We Do

Our expert B2B PPC agency services help companies optimize their paid advertising efforts. Whether we are managing your PPC campaigns, providing PPC as part of a search engine marketing plan, or are your full-service marketing partner, Stifel Marcin knows how to help you achieve your marketing goals.

We bring two decades of B2B expertise to every effort. From complex products to technical concepts, our team has a unique understanding of the considerations, mindsets and processes of B2B audiences.

As part of our specialized client intake process, we take the time to learn about your products, your business and your unique goals. We combine that knowledge with our communications expertise to create powerful results.

Learn about our difference, and how our B2B PPC agency solutions can help you succeed.

The B2B PPC Agency of Choice for Industrial Companies

Our PPC marketing consultants and agency team brings integrated B2B marketing expertise and 20+ years of proven results to every project. Our effective strategies skillfully combine digital, content and traditional marketing methods to deliver the qualified leads you desire. Let’s talk.

Just a Few of the Brands We Work With

View Some of Our B2B PPC Agency Work

Our B2B marketing agency has a proven track record of success, helping companies build their brands, generate leads and grow their business. Explore some of our work below or view our full portfolio.

Powering Up Your Results with 20+ Years of B2B Expertise

Your website is a living, breathing extension of your business. Today’s digital environment evolves rapidly, and customer expectations for premium web experiences are higher than every before.

A smart and effective search engine optimization strategy requires continual monitoring and analysis. From current rankings to shifts in performance and competition, our integrated marketing expertise and focused B2B SEO services and capabilities work to ensure your website is optimized for top rankings, good conversion funnels and maximum results.

As a Google Partner agency and Microsoft Partner, our team has the latest knowledge and a detailed understanding of how to create SEO results. As a full-service marketing partner, we offer a complete dedication to your success.

If you are searching for a B2B marketing agency or SEO consultant in Connecticut, contact us to discuss your needs and goals. Together we can create powerful results.

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