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In a competitive environment, medical and life science organizations rely on our integrated solutions, personalized service and proven results to achieve their goals.

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94 %
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Our Approach

During our 20+ years in business, Stifel Marcin has become a premier life science and medical marketing agency, delivering personalized service and integrated solutions that help our clients achieve their goals and grow their brands.

While our B2B focus makes us unique, it’s our dedication to you that sets us apart.

Responsive support, innovative thinking, and strategies that are specifically developed for your organization’s goals are at the core of what we do. Full-service capabilities are what we provide, a deep dedication to your success is our promise.


“I highly recommend Stifel Marcin as a single source solution to your advertising needs… We have been able to show prospective customers a glimpse of what we do without them having to leave their facility.”

Digital performance analysis by our medical marketing agency staff.

Powering Your Results, Driven By Your Goals

With our specialized focus on B2B organizations and our expertise in life science and medical organizations, Stifel Marcin has a proven track record of success. We come to each effort with a unique knowledge of the concerns and motivators of audiences within these markets, and can apply our marketing and communications expertise to help achieve your goals and meet your KPIs.

View our portfolio of work, and some of the success stories we’ve created for clients.

As full-service medical marketing agency we can assist with virtually every aspect of your brand’s advertising and marketing. We plan budgets, develop strategies, create campaigns, as well as deploy omni-channel initiatives. With integrated solutions and more than 20 years of proven results, we’re here to help you succeed.

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Just a Few of the Brands We Work With

A Medical Marketing Agency Committed to Your Success

Established in 2001 with the goal of providing expert marketing support with the specialized industry focus B2B organizations need, our full-service B2B medical marketing agency team is fully dedicated to your success. Led by agency founder Andrew Stifel and Christine Marcin, partner and B2B marketing strategist, you’ll experience a one-stop solution for strategic marketing, content creation, deployment, and performance tracking.

Leading brands benefit from Andrew and Christine’s unique expertise in creative, digital and content marketing experiences for B2B companies. Along with our team of dedicated experts, they will collaborate with you to create the strategies and assets you need to build your organization’s brand and grow leads and sales.

Smart Strategies, Created Through Expertise & Collaboration.

During our 20+ years in business, Stifel Marcin has developed processes that make working with us easy and our onboarding period short, including a unique client intake period. At the start of any effort with a new client, we take a deep dive into your products, services and capabilities, learning about your unique positions and marketing goals. We bring our integrated life science and medical marketing agency thinking to your brand, and work to identify the advantages and opportunities that will grow visibility, loyalty and sales.

Working with you, we leverage your knowledge and apply our expertise to develop smart advertising solutions. And, as a full-service life science and marketing agency, we can create and deploy all aspects of a campaign. We then follow through with detailed and data-driven performance tracking, to ensure you achieve your KPIs.

We work like an extension of your team – like an in-house marketing department that just happens to not be in your house. With our commitment to excellence and operations driven to support your needs, you’ll get the service you deserve and the results you want.

Recognized as an Industry-Leading Life Science & Medical Marketing Agency

Our work in the medical and life science industry spans a variety of applications – from component manufacturers to technology providers to the very materials and devices that are used during surgical procedures. But no matter how unique the application, our team is driven by our values and committed to excellence.

In an industry where quality can never compromise, brands can rely on Stifel Marcin to bring their stories to life, showcasing the benefits and reaching the right audiences to achieve KPIs and get your solutions to market.

If you’re looking to partner with a new life science and medical marketing agency, or are considering using an advertising firm for the first time, we’re here to help. Give us a call or fill out a quick online contact form – we can quote a project or just chat on the phone about your needs and goals.

At Stifel Marcin, we believe our clients’ success is our success. We are here to serve. When we help companies achieve their sales goals, improve their marketing and communications, and grow their brands, those are the events that matter.


- Christine Marcin

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