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For more than 20 years, our award-winning B2B technology marketing agency has created smart and strategic campaigns that build brands and meet goals.


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“I highly recommend Stifel Marcin as a single source solution to your advertising needs.” – John


Our B2B technology marketing agency works as an extension of your company to maximize results.

Our integrated expertise provides technology businesses with a combination of branding, digital, content, inbound and traditional marketing efforts, helping you define your brand and grow your sales.

Technology marketing is unique, requiring precision, creativity, and a highly-detailed mindset. As an agency solely focused on B2B companies, we offer two decades of proven results and an unmatched commitment to quality and excellence and are ready to help you succeed.


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Just a Few Brands We Work With

Specifically Designed B2B Technology Marketing Agency Operations

We have specifically designed our agency operations for flexibility and work to act as an extension of your company, like an in-house marketing department that just isn’t “in house.” We are deeply dedicated to our clients’ success and know that our success as a leading technology marketing agency is directly related to our client’s success. It’s why our client list still includes the same companies we opened our doors with 20 years ago.

We are happy to work on a per-project basis, though when we develop on-going relationships with clients, we are able to provide the best marketing services and advice to help achieve goals. Stifel Marcin is founded on the values of a family business – we are impressed every day with the amazing solutions that our clients are developing and appreciate the trust businesses put in our team. It is our responsibility as a technology marketing agency to not only help our clients succeed, but to exceed expectations every day.

Stifel Marcin is a B2B Technology Marketing Agency

We Maximize Resources And Returns

Stifel Marcin’s services are designed for efficiency. In today’s competitive business environment, we know technology companies have tightly controlled budgets and resources. While our tech marketing services are optimized to keep costs as low as possible, we also understand that time is money, and make sure that the time our clients provide to us is valuable and limited.

Our expertise in marketing and advertising, coupled with two decades of experience working in the technology marketplace, has allowed Stifel Marcin to develop unique processes that maximize returns. From re-purposing content across multiple platforms to refining campaigns so that placement is limited to impressions that are most likely to convert, our team members are experts in creating effective marketing for technology companies and customers.

Modernizing Technology Marketing And Advertising

Technology marketing is quickly evolving and changing. Content marketing and digital marketing are more important than ever, and our services are specifically designed to generate the best return for your spend. We can increase your unique customer touch-points (increasingly important in today’s marketplace) and can identify opportunities in the purchase cycle that you may not be maximizing. Additionally, with our detailed understanding of the data that is available, we can often quantitatively measure the results of technology marketing and advertising campaigns so that you succeed.

Our expert team speaks the language of engineers, product managers, and staff that is key to the purchase cycle. We develop smart advertising solutions and, as a full-service technology marketing agency, we also execute all aspects of a campaign.

Specialized Processes for Tech Marketing

In our 20 years in business, Stifel Marcin has developed processes that give us the ability to understand your business and what is needed for our technology marketing, including a unique client intake step in our processes. We take a deep dive into a client’s products, services and goals, and work to identify the competitive advantages and opportunities that will grow visibility and sales.

Our clients love that they can trust us to handle so much – as a full-service technology marketing agency we can assist with virtually every aspect of a company’s advertising and marketing. We plan budgets, create campaigns, write and design the projects, as well as distribute through all channels. Through traditional and digital services, we provide a complete, strategic technology marketing solution.

If you’re looking to partner with a new technology marketing agency, or are considering using an advertising firm for the first time, we’re here to help. Give us a call or fill out a quick online contact form – we can quote a project or just chat on the phone about your marketing and advertising needs.

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