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Ready, Set, Action to Drive Results

From storyboarding to omni-channel distribution, our full service marketing capabilities and B2B video production services engage customers with impact.

“We have been able to show perspective customers a glimpse of what we do without them ever having to leave their facility.” – John

Stifel Marcin’s B2B video production services handle all aspects of a video project – from concept through filming through distribution.

Whether it’s a 30-second product video or facility tour, our team of marketing experts and B2B video production pros know how to engage audiences. We bring technical information and complex concepts to life, with messages and visuals that communicate brand positions and get your customers to act.

At every step we apply our strategic marketing skills and communications expertise to your video projects, ensuring your content is smart, effective and will achieve your goals.

For more than 20 years we’ve helped B2B brands succeed. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and together, let’s power up your marketing.

Just a Few of the Brands We Work With

Two Decades of Expertise in B2B

Our experienced team brings integrated communications expertise and a specialized understanding of B2B to every video project. We know how to help brands tell their story and generate results. Stifel Marcin provides all the services that go into a B2B video production effort – writing scripts, developing storyboards, filming, editing and perfecting your content.

With our full service marketing solutions, our team can also take a finished video asset and deploy it across channels. As an agency focused solely on B2B, we understand the technical details and nuanced messaging that connects with business-to-business audiences, and we know how to create impact.

Discover our difference, and how our B2B focus generates results.

Stifel Marcin offers excellent video content creation services and b2b video production.

Video for Social & Digital Marketing

From websites to interactive presentations to social media, the way we communicate with customers is more digital than ever. With B2B video production services, we help brands deploy content across a variety of channels to maximize visibility and return.

With the unique ability to deliver strategic visual and audio information, many of our common video marketing applications include:

  • Corporate & trade show videos
  • Product video demonstrations
  • Instructional videos and explainers
  • YouTube™ marketing
  • LinkedIn™ and Facebook™ sponsored content
  • Display advertising video content
  • Customer presentations & virtual tours.

Our experts can help you create a plan for video marketing success. Contact us today – let’s create powerful results.

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