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Key Technical Benefits with Video

When you have one of the world’s most advanced quality systems, with complex details and high-tech operations, you rely on Stifel Marcin’s creation of B2B explainer videos and marketing to tell your story.

Video Creation & Communication

As one of the world’s leading metal form manufacturers, Newcomb Spring offers a wide range of advanced manufacturing capabilities. The company’s internal Innovation Department also develops unique and specialized solutions to assist in manufacturing and quality assurance processes.

As part of our integrated B2B marketing services for Newcomb Spring, Stifel Marcin provides on-going support, as well as marketing for specialized projects. When Newcomb introduced their new camera gauge system, we created a quality-focused campaign, with a B2B explainer video distributed across channels, to communicate this proprietary technology and its benefits to their audience.

Sophisticated and unique, the camera gauge monitors components as they are manufactured in real-time, confirming tolerances, reporting measurements and either accepting or rejecting a component right as it is formed. With videography, VO scripting and editing services, we helped Newcomb communicate the state-of-the-art capabilities of this impressive system in a clear and understandable way.

Video was then posted on the company’s website and social channels, as well as promoted through a variety of content marketing, PR, and digital marketing opportunities, helping build awareness and interest in this best-in-class technology.

From Concept to Completion, Full B2B Explainer Videos Expertise

As part of the video’s production, Stifel Marcin provided production planning, communications strategies, and marketing oversight. All efforts aligned to ensure the final piece was cohesive with marketing plans and positions, and accommodated the requirements that come when working in a busy manufacturing facility.

The integrated Stifel Marcin team planned the video, developed a storyboard, wrote the voiceover script and directed a video sequence that explained the details of the system’s operation. With a series of close up shots and sequential system filming, we created an accessible B2B explainer video which communicated the complex nuances of the sophisticated system clearly, with visual representations that allowed customers to understand the value provided. Learn more about our B2B video production services.

Integrated B2B Marketing

Newcomb Spring has partnered with Stifel Marcin for almost two decades, relying on our expertise as a full-service marketing partner, and for the creation of specific assets, such as B2B explainer videos. Explore some more of our work for the company:

We support clients on a wide range of efforts with a customized approach tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for a new marketing partner, have a set scope of work, or need help with a video for your organization, our team is here to help.

Learn about our difference, and a B2B marketing agency completed dedicated to your success.

Two Decades Helping B2B Brands Grow Through Successful Marketing Solutions

For two decades we have provided integrated marketing solutions for B2B organizations of all sizes. With our deep understanding of industrial audiences and expertise across different marketing tactics and strategies, we help clients achieve success. If you are looking for a new marketing agency, are looking to reach customers using new tactics, or want to develop B2B explainer videos for your organization – our experts are at your service.

Contact our team today, or fill out the form and we will reach out to you. We’d love to learn about your goals and challenges, and discuss how our expertise can help you achieve success.

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