Our Expert Bing Ads Management Service

Helps Brands Increase Traffic and Generate Qualified Leads

With its business user base and multi-platform data aggregation, Bing can be a smart and strategic part of a B2B search engine marketing strategy.

3 %
Increase in Click-Through-Rates in Q1
23 %
Increase in Clicks in the First Quarter
6 %
Decrease in Costs-Per-Click During Q1

Our Approach

As an agency focused solely on B2B audiences, we understand the power of Microsoft™ platforms in our search engine marketing efforts. It’s why we often include our Bing Ads management service in pay-per-click campaigns and is one of the many tools we use to deliver powerful marketing results.

As a Microsoft Partner, we bring a detailed understanding of the platform’s algorithms, opportunities and controls, with knowledge that can help clients achieve their goals. While Google™ controls much of the total market share, in the world of B2B, many employees use a company-issued PC that runs Bing by default. Bing is also used by 55 percent of decision-makers in the coveted 35-64 age bracket.

Contact us today and put our Bing Ads management service expertise to work for you. Our team understands how to optimize Bing to meet your goals and are ready to help grow your brand.

Together, let’s power up your marketing results.

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Bing Ads Management Service Expertise

As a Microsoft Partner we provide expert Bing Ads management service, sophisticated optimizations, and strategic oversight in every campaign, helping brands maximize their return and leverage all platform opportunities.

With strategic Bing Ads management services, we can craft PPC targeting strategies based on:

  • Customer Persona Information, Demographics, Devices and Profiles
  • Interests, Content Engagement and Search Histories
  • User Behaviors, Analytics and On-Site Performance
  • Industry Trends and On-Going Keyword Evaluation
  • Market Events, Geo-Targeting and Account-Based Techniques
  • Continual Data Tracking, KPI Monitoring and Strategic Analysis

Additionally, if you have a customer or prospect list, we can also leverage that information, and target individuals who closely match those profiles across the Microsoft Ad Network. From creative to messaging to search analysis, our integrated marketing services and B2B expertise can help you achieve results.

The Difference Of Our B2B Focus

For more than two decades, Stifel Marcin has delivered successful results for B2B organizations, helping brands grow and achieve their KPIs. With full service marketing capabilities and collaborative working processes, our team brings the integrated expertise that drives sales, loyalty and awareness.

Before we begin our Bing Ads management service efforts, we conduct a specialized client intake and discovery process, where we collaborate with your team to learn about your products, business and plans. We combine that information with our B2B marketing expertise, crafting strategies and campaigns that achieve results.

With ad copywriting, display ad design, landing page optimizations and more all part of our inclusive Bing Ads management services, our team provides a complete solution for PPC campaigns.

Stifel Marcin understands the specialized nuances of Bing and knows how to maximize its results. We bring our B2B expertise to every project, with an understanding of the audiences, trends and nuances that affect business and industry. Discover our difference, and an agency completed dedicated to your success.

Bing Strategies Focused on Maximum ROI

Some brands find there is less competition on Microsoft Ads, however, the platform’s structure and higher average click costs means it’s critical that your ads are serving to the right target audiences with the right bidding strategies.

For optimal results, we continually monitor campaign data and adjust accordingly, evaluating:

  • Click-Through-Rates (CTRs) and Click Quality
  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost Per Lead
  • On-going Campaign Performance and Optimization Effects
  • Traffic Impact
  • Conversion Rates and Qualified Lead Generation
  • Budget Usage and Allocation

Stifel Marcin’s in-house team brings a detailed understanding of a wide variety of digital strategies and platforms to our Bing Ads management service, and we are ready to help you increase your return on your pay-per-click campaigns.

Integrated Search Engine & Digital Marketing

As an integrated agency, Stifel Marcin offers a full range of marketing capabilities that help brands grow. With our partnership approach, we collaborate with clients, provide recommendations and listening to your feedback. Together we create powerful strategies and omni-channel efforts that maximize return and results.

In addition to Bing Ads management services, our digital and search campaigns often include:

Just a Few of the Brands We Work With

PPC Advertising Work

Our B2B marketing agency has a proven track record of success, helping companies build their brands, generate leads and grow their business. Explore some of our work below or view our full portfolio.

Grow Your Brand with our Expert Bing Ads Management Service

At Stifel Marcin, B2B marketing isn’t something we can do – it’s all we do. With 20+ years of proven results and fully integrated marketing services, our team is ready to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you are looking for a new marketing agency partner, have a set scope of work you need support with, or are looking for a Bing Ads management service provider, our team is here to help you succeed.

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We’d appreciate the opportunity to get to know you, and discuss how, together, we can power up your marketing results.

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