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Stifel Marcin Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Glastonbury, CT

Stifel Marcin, a Connecticut-based business-to-business marketing agency, is proudly celebrating 20 years of providing strategic B2B marketing services to manufacturers, industrial, medical and technology companies. To commemorate two decades of service, the agency will soon take up permanent residence at its new location at 294 New London Turnpike in Glastonbury, and has launched a refreshed website, showcasing a vast portfolio of its work, at

Stifel Marcin was established in 2001 by Andrew Stifel as a B2B-focused marketing firm, serving clients with local, national and global scope. In its 20 years, the agency has transformed to a digital marketing leader, experienced in the rise, and continued evolution of, digital marketing, PPC advertising, social media, search engine marketing and more.

With the move to New London Turnpike, which more than doubles the agency’s square footage, Stifel Marcin will occupy a customized space conducive to how businesses will operate in the future. A large conference room will support physical social distancing, with special spaces dedicated to teleconferencing and video media, while an exterior meeting space will allow for further collaboration.

Andrew Stifel reflected on 20 years of business, saying “Our agency is, and always has been, a B2B partner, communicating the stories of the makers, innovators and inventors who solve problems and make our world better. We believe in the power of people, of technology, of innovation. We look forward to telling their stories for the next 20 years and beyond.”

“As we expand our operations, we are excited to have found a permanent home in the heart of the Glastonbury community,” said Christine Marcin, agency partner. “We thank all of our partners who have participated in our journey and celebrate this platinum milestone with them.”

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