b2b branding campaign 

Increasing Brand Awareness & Loyalty

With an Omni-Channel Approach

Across digital, print and content marketing efforts, we helped this industrial company tell its brand story, improving awareness and growing sales through integrated strategies.

Developing a Growth Strategy

Carlyle Johnson produces industrial clutch, brake and power transmission solutions used in a variety of mission-critical applications. For over a century their team has solved some of the toughest engineering challenges for functions in aerospace, agriculture, medical, defense and more.

Stifel Marcin has worked with CJM for over a decade, helping this leading industrial company present their brand promise, promote their product benefits and grow their sales.

Working with the client, we developed a overarching strategy to increase brand knowledge and loyalty in existing customer segments, while building awareness in younger audiences that were unfamiliar with the company, and who leveraged different research techniques when searching for vendors.

Stifel Marcin’s omni-channel B2B marketing agency services strategized, planned and optimized ad placements across print and digital applications. At the same time, content marketing initiatives worked to leverage industrial trade media articles and thought-leadership opportunities. Across each effort, smart planning and purposeful messaging maximized the return of this integrated B2B branding campaign.

A Creative Strategy in B2B Branding Campaign Assets

Campaign creative showcased dramatic applications and mission critical functions to grab reader attention. Photos of satellites in deep space, military vehicles racing across tough environments, and EMTs carried by a helicopter on a thin suspension cable demonstrated Carlyle Johnson’s reliable products at work.

Headlines used creative wordplay to emphasize the application and product capabilities, attracting attention in traditional media, while promoting key benefits. Across each asset, we promoted the company’s diverse product line with technical insights and key details engineers, designers and procurement teams needed.

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Integrated B2B Marketing Solutions

We are proud to have supported the Carlyle Johnson brand for years, partnering with their team to introduce new products, grow their customer base, and plan its marketing initiatives. In addition to this B2B branding campaign creation, some of our other work for the company includes:

We support clients on a wide range of efforts with a customized approach tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for a new marketing partner, have a set scope of work, or need help with a B2B branding campaign effort, our team is here to help.

20+ Years of B2B Marketing Expertise at Your Service

Since 2001 Stifel Marcin has provided smart B2B marketing solutions for industrial organizations. Our collaborative approach and industry expertise helps to drive results and achieve success. If you are looking to grow through a strategic B2B branding campaign – our experts are here to help. As your partner, our integrated B2B marketing agency will help provide you a one-stop solution for strategic marketing, content creation, deployment and performance tracking. Successful outcomes are why clients stay with us, and why we are proud to work with many of the same companies we opened our doors with 20+ years ago.

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