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Building Awareness &

Demonstrating Leadership

Through copywriting, PR and technical asset creation, we helped Vogelsang USA reach new audiences and promote key product benefits with our industrial content marketing efforts.

Communicating Strength

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pumping, processing and transporting solutions, Vogelsang USA worked with Stifel Marcin to help grow awareness in key target markets. An international organization, Volgelsang’s USA team wanted to promote specific products and capabilities, and leveraged our expertise in industrial content marketing to generate results.

During its history, Vogelsang had developed good relationships with trade publications, and the company was regularly contacted for article submissions and expert commentary. As each request was made, Stifel Marcin worked with various members of the Vogelsang team to respond quickly. From interviews for article creation to reviewing technical materials and creating publication-ready visuals, our team worked with trade publications creating a series of articles for Vogelsang – purposefully developing industrial content marketing assets that supported key brand strategies.

Articles combined technical information and explanations in an easy-to-read format suitable for a variety of readers. In each effort, Stifel Marcin ensured Vogelsang’s brand messaging was integrated, creating a consistent presentation of company strength and market differentiators, while building interest and visibility.

Industrial Content Marketing Expertise

From shorter technical articles, to longer case study write-ups, we worked with Vogelsang USA to maximize results. Stifel Marcin’s integrated expertise and capabilities helped to reduce their busy team’s efforts, maximizing impact and minimizing resources.

To help with fast content presentation, Stifel Marcin created infographics and visual comparatives, including performance charts and diagrams. Leveraging our experience in industrial content marketing, our team worked to streamline trade publication efforts, supplying content that was ready for distribution, while also working to highlight Vogelsang in the maximum number of applications. Efforts increased the usage of branded graphics across a variety of trade media promotions, and ultimately, the number of brand impressions and views.

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Integrated B2B Marketing Solutions

As part of our partnership, Stifel Marcin worked with Vogelsang USA in a variety of efforts, creating consistency in brand messaging across each. As a per-project partner, our team supported the company with a variety of efforts as-needed, working with a collaborative approach for long-term success. Explore some of our work for Vogelsang:

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