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Our expertise in marketing for oil & gas helped this industry leader improve their online experience and content presentation with smart digital tools.

Interactive Presentation for an Enhanced Tradeshow Experience

Ward Leonard is a leading provider of industrial motor, generator, pump, drive and control system solutions. Their products are commonly used in heavy duty and mission critical applications, and include aftermarket support, such as maintenance, repair and overhaul.

Leveraging our expertise in integrated marketing for oil and gas companies, Stifel Marcin was charged with developing new digital marketing tools to enhance presentations at a series of industry events and customer meetings.

Designed for maximum marketing impact on a busy show flow, an interactive digital e-book was created, highlighting product descriptions and applications. Within the easy-to-navigate presentation, related features and benefits were highlighted using product imagery, schematics, performance data, charts and videos. Those interacting with the piece during shows could explore the presentation via touchscreen, while the piece also supported remote presentation for virtual meetings. In each instance, users were able to learn more about Ward Leonard and its products in an engaging and informative format.

Expertise in Marketing for Oil & Gas Companies

To optimize the robust content presentation, Stifel Marcin worked with the client to plan the piece’s organization, designing an information hierarchy and mapping content flow to ensure a superior user experience. With a sidebar navigation, clear linking structure, and an engaging combination of visuals and data points, users were able to easily access information both independently and when guided by a Ward Leonard team member.

Throughout the piece, the brand positioning line created by Stifel Marcin, “The Power of Uptime™”, communicated the dependability and performance of the company’s products, which keep operations running in some of the world’s most remote locations.

Responding to the Ward Leonard project managers’ request for a customizable report no matter the location of the equipment or presentation, Stifel Marcin also created two interactive digital exports. Capturing essential data including customer profiles, photo uploads, product serial numbers, performance data and more, the tool provides efficiency for the sales team and digitized post-presentation information for easily upload into CRMs.

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Integrated Marketing for Oil & Gas Branding, LeadGen and More

As a full service B2B marketing agency, we have provided a range of efforts for Ward Leonard. From brand positioning to digital tool creation, our expertise in industrial audiences and marketing for oil and gas companies delivers proven results.

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