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The Benefits of an SEO Audit

A thorough search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is crucial for any business looking to achieve higher search engine results page (SERP) rankings, therefore increasing the probabilities of increased online leads, conversions and brand awareness. But once the strategy is set in motion, don’t think “we’re done!” Just like a car needs regular oil changes to help that engine to keep running smoothly, your website should undergo scheduled SEO maintenance, including planned audits.

There are many benefits of an SEO audit – the task of analyzing your website’s performance to evaluate areas of the site that are performing well, and opportunities for improvement – including improved user experience (UX), increased understanding of competitor rankings, optimal keywords and more. Let’s explore more closely:

Improved User Experience

An audit can showcase any issues that may negatively impact the user experience, allowing you to make necessary adjustments. Is the website architecture easy to navigate? Do meta titles and descriptions lead to the correct content? Are links still viable and not leading to a 404-error page? Items such as form locations, links, CTAs, and content organization can all be evaluated for performance.

It’s worth noting that while you’re working to improve UX, search engines are as well. Keeping up with changing best practice standards for code and UX, which search engines like Google and Yahoo regularly update, can ensure your site is viewed favorably by their ever-changing algorithms.  

Where Do You Stand Next to Competitors?

One benefit of an SEO audit that is often overlooked is competitor analysis. Examining where your competitors rank for identified keywords, especially the ones that may be higher on SERP rankings than your site, can help identify areas of improvement and give insight into what users are searching for. Over time, you’ll get a picture of how current and new competitors are ranking by comparison and how to rank above them in the SERPs.

Make Sure Your Keywords are “Key” for Your Users

Keyword research is critical throughout the life cycle of a website. An audit allows for review of the target phrases currently used and how they rank, as well as keywords you’d like to rank for but currently do not. Analysis and review can also evaluate the likelihood that your site will rank for specific keywords. A good keyword audit gives a clear picture of what users are searching for, giving you an optimal opportunity to provide content to help solve their problem or answer their question.

And That’s Just the Beginning 

There are many more benefits of an SEO audit than just listed above. Audit results can help you identify ways to improve:

  • Search visibility and trends 
  • Content relevancy 
  • Site speed and technical issues 
  • Leads and sales 
  • Brand perception

Our Agency is Here to Support Your SEO Efforts 

If you are ready to examine your SEO, our team is here to support you. With two decades of experience, we can examine data points such as rankings, user performance, conversion optimization, competitive analysis, and an array of other data, to ensure your SEO is fully optimized and working to drive sales for your business. Contact us and experience the benefits of an SEO audit. 

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Unlike many advertising and marketing agencies, B2B isn’t just something that we do, it’s all we do. We’ll work to help your brand achieve its goals through the strategic combination of creativity, communication and technology. Our focused client intake processes give us the ability to thoroughly understand your business, products and objectives, working to identify the competitive advantages and opportunities that will grow awareness, leads and sales. We develop innovative marketing plans with strategic, data-driven processes, presenting complex ideas and compelling messages that position your business ahead of the competition. As your cooperative partner, our integrated B2B marketing agency is dedicated to your success. Interested in learning more about SEO and the benefits of an audit? Our team can help. Fill out our contact form above and we will be in touch shortly.

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