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Leveraging Geo-Targeting for Account-Based Marketing

Geo-targeting for account based marketing (ABM) is a strategic and effective way for B2B organizations to focus marketing resources on key customer groups while generating leads from only the highest-value customers. In today’s changing business environment – without trade shows, conferences and in-person events – reaching high-value target prospects is critical.

Reaching Customers Using Account-Based Tactics

A properly-developed ABM campaign leverages a variety of profile information – job titles and roles, interests, affinities, education, connections and more. In digital ABM campaigns, this data (which is gathered by 3rd party data aggregates), helps marketers serve ads to those who match ideal customer target profiles.

With geo-targeting we can refine that focus even more. Geographic limiters can be effective when targeting larger organizations – those with thousands of employees spread over multiple campuses – as well as smaller companies with localized footprints. From zip codes to regional circumferences to the physical “walls” of a building, geo-targeting for account based marketing can help isolate key prospects.

Different Approaches to Geo-Targeting for Account Based Marketing

Many large companies have defined functions within their facility network. The structure can be by purpose – where one location provides manufacturing services, a second location is focused on procurement, a third on R&D, etc. Or the organizational structure can be by application – perhaps a location focused on automotive is based in Michigan, where the group focused on medical applications is in California.

Through careful research about facility clusters, combined with well-crafted target customer profiles, we strategize our geographic focus. We can allocate spend according to customer value, as well as eliminate serves so we don’t waste budget on geographies that are unlikely to convert.

Also, we can customize the ad content to that geography. So, in the above example, the ads served in Michigan could be created for an automotive audience, and slightly different, medically-focused ads would run in California.

Reaching Targets & Marketing During Remote Operations

While we can focus on the walls of a building, in today’s environment – where remote work is common – we often extend the target area to include a commutable distance to that company location to reach people at home. This is often based on specific research, since we know that people in more developed regions and urban areas can have higher commutable distances, and different companies have different operating trends regarding work from home.

Maximizing ABM Spend Allocation

It’s important to remember that any paid digital campaign is about refinement and optimization. There will be some targets that we will miss – maybe a small R&D department in a facility outside of our target, or perhaps someone who works outside of our commutable distance target – but paid campaigns are about controlling and focusing spend on the best prospects. We want to allocate the most resources to the targets that are most likely to match our target profiles. And most likely to become high-value leads.

With a digital ABM campaign, we can build key touchpoints, control the ad messaging, and drive people into our marketing funnels. Then we leverage a well-designed website and strong remarketing campaigns to help turn those prospects into sales.

Powering Up Your LeadGen Plan

Building brand visibility in today’s climate is critical. Prospects require an average of 6-8 brand touchpoints – meaning a target will see your brand multiple times before they will become a lead.

People are also increasingly digital, and often working remotely. There are fewer opportunities to create touchpoints with one-on-one interaction. The need to show your company’s leadership, quality, service and reliability is imperative.

Digital campaigns built using strategic geo-targeting for account based marketing tactics can create in-roads and opportunities. From building brand visibility to creating valuable customer touchpoints, these ABM campaigns deliver your message and promise to prospects with the highest sales value.

Learn more about our ABM solutions, or schedule a free consultation to review your marketing strategies. For two decades we have helped companies Power Up their Marketing, and we are ready to deliver results for your B2B organization. Contact us today to learn more.

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