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We Speak B2B

B2B Marketing Is All We Do

We specialize in helping manufacturers, industrial, medical and technology companies grow their brands. Unlike many advertising and marketing agencies, serving B2B clients is not just a portion of our business—it is our only business.

An Extension of Your Company

Motivating a target audience takes unique skills. From content and digital to direct, we provide a strategic combination of B2B marketing services for your business’ success. We bring proven expertise to every marketing challenge and business goal, and partner with clients to develop plans that maximize results.

Collaborative relationships drive successful results. We see ourselves as part of your team – providing expert service, proactive insights and creative solutions to ensure your marketing and communications are successful. Since 2001 we have helped B2B brands convey the benefits of complex products and technical services to engineers, project managers, purchasing agents, and more. We are a partner in your success, and ready to help your brand grow.

Together, we create a powerful impact.

We Understand B2B Targets

For two decades Stifel Marcin has been immersed in the world of B2B. Widgets, systems, machines, and things that go whirr make us smile. With our specialized Client Intake Process, we learn about your products, services and technology, and leverage that understanding to communicate your brand’s uniqueness to the marketplace.

Our Holistic Approach Drives Results

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive marketing plan or a scaled scope of work, we take a holistic approach to everything we do. Our B2B marketing agency team is comprised of dedicated experts who look at the big picture and understand the fine details. We work with you and identify the right target audience, create impactful messaging, allocate budgets and drive positive outcomes through creative and strategic placements unique to your business.

Let’s Talk.

We’d love to hear your story and how we can help your business succeed.

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