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Newcomb Spring is North America’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of custom metal form components.

As part of our integrated marketing efforts for the company, Stifel Marcin worked to create a B2B marketing application that would provide easy access to an organized collection of information.

The piece became an award-winning B2B application and was a robust tool used by both sales and management.

The app is easily distributed to customers, and continually enforces the company’s brand position as a technical leader, with advanced capabilities and manufacturing technology.

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When planning the project, our B2B app team worked to identify the key elements needed in the app and developed a clear and user-friendly interface with a high-tech and brand-consistent look. When launched, users were first presented with an interactive welcome screen that allowed users to engage with and manipulate Newcomb Spring parts. The screen was also downloadable as a screensaver.

Benefitting a Diverse Audience

The interactive presentation featured an animated glossary, a company video tour, reference data, and multiple quoting options, all of which were easily accessed through a “one-click” navigation approach. Designed for engineers, designers and project managers, the application provided detailed manufacturing information as well as general reference documents to deliver a wide variety of information to a diverse target audience. 

“The Stifel Marcin team has truly become an extension of our team. They have helped create internal brand alignment and have consistently delivered strategic and thoughtful marketing solutions that drive leads, build brand awareness and loyalty.” – Marie

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