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Our work with Newcomb Spring has helped improve brand awareness, supported recruitment and retention, and provided long-term B2B lead generation strategy successes to support this leading manufacturer.

88 %
Increase in Conversions
12 %
Increase in New Users
92 %
Increase in Social Users
3 +
Years as Agency Partner

The Marketing Challenge

As one of the largest spring and metal form manufacturers in the world, Newcomb Spring came to Stifel Marcin looking to define its brand and position in the market. Over its long history the company’s brand image had become inconsistent, with different plants promoting different icons, messaging and even brand colors. The company was ready to transform its marketing with a modern and high-tech approach that reflected a state-of-the-art and cohesive manufacturing operation.

Throughout our years of service to Newcomb, we have provided integrated B2B marketing agency services that have driven successful results. From the creation and deployment of B2B lead generation strategy plans, to social media, digital assets and more, our partnership has helped Newcomb promote its true position as “First in Forming®”.

Integrated B2B Marketing Campaigns with a High-Tech Approach

We have been fortunate to enjoy a marketing partnership with Newcomb Spring for around 2 decades, and during that time, the company’s advanced mindset has allowed us to create some of the metal forming industry’s most unique marketing tools and innovative results. From market-specific campaigns to promotions related to services, products and applications, our work with Newcomb has helped drive leads, generate customer loyalty and build the reputation of one of the world’s leading component manufacturers.

Before After

B2B Lead Generation Strategy, Brand Building & Support

Throughout our nearly two-decade-long partnership, Stifel Marcin has produced a range of marketing services and assets including:

A Partnership Approach to Exceed KPIs

Working with the Newcomb Spring team over the years allowed Stifel Marcin to expand its knowledge of the spring and metal forming market as well as understand company operations, giving us unique insights and perspective when developing audience targets, messaging and marketing plans. The mutual excitement about marketing allowed us to create innovative communications and sales assets across a wide variety of platforms, and helped the company build its reputation as the “First In Forming®”- a tag line which we even created for them.

Two Decades of B2B Expertise at Your Service

With 20+ years of B2B marketing results and full-service capabilities, we bring proven expertise that helps brands and businesses grow. Whether you are looking for a B2B lead generation strategy or need a full marketing partner, our team is ready to help you power up your marketing.

Contact us today. We’d love to hear more about your needs and goals, and discuss how Stifel Marcin can support your success.

“Stifel Marcin has looked at all aspects of how we are seen in our industry and offered suggestions in areas that needed improvement. We rely on their expertise in advertising to help us succeed.”

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