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With a strategic approach to content creation and keyword selection, we provided expert website development and effective SEO lead generation services to introduce this unique product to the market.

Generating Leads & Maximizing Website Visibility

Stifel Marcin worked with Centritec Seals, a patented centrifugal seal unique in the market, to help create awareness and generate interest in the new sealing solution. With combined efforts of our website development, content and digital teams, our effective SEO lead generation services worked to meet target KPIs for the new site.

As part of the integrated B2B brand marketing services we provided to Centritec, the Stifel Marcin team developed a site compliant with search engine best practices and with content created specifically to gain key ranking positions. Offering a purposeful combination of engineer information, downloadable materials and comparative stats, the site helped move contacts through the sales funnel, creating qualified opportunities for the Centritec team.

Our SEO lead generation services helped Centritec more than double the amount of leads generated, creating visibility in key markets while rapidly increasing traffic to the new site from first index and on.

Expert SEO Lead Generation Services for B2B Markets

As the centrifugal technology offered by Centritec Seals is unique, it was imperative to educate customers about this new product line, as well as drive new traffic to the site for technical audiences looking to solve engineering challenges.

Stifel Marcin’s content team worked directly with engineers and management at Centritec, helping to distill highly-technical information into materials that were understandable by a range of audiences, as well as clearly describing the centrifugal sealing solutions applications and operations. Through their collaborative approach, the site was able to achieve key goals identified by our SEO lead generation services team.

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Full Service B2B Marketing Solutions

Starting with a strategic plan that helped to optimize costs and opportunities, Stifel Marcin worked to maximize resources – both financial and client time requirements. A series of marketing assets was developed to help Centritec Seals educate customers, convey technical data, and support our SEO lead generation services. View some of our additional work for the company:

As with everything we do, efforts created for Centritec Seals were based on a purposeful strategy and designed for the greatest return. We know that our clients’ success is our success. Learn more about our difference, and discover a B2B marketing agency completely dedicated to your success.

Two Decades of B2B Marketing Success Stories

For more than 20 years, Stifel Marcin has provided leading organizations with B2B marketing solutions that drive results. Whether working as a full agency partner, on a specific project, our providing our SEO lead generation services, our experts are here to help.

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