Attract and Retain Talent with Effective Video Marketing

While Zoom and other video conferencing apps have become a part of everyday life, valuable lessons continue to be realized regarding video recruitment marketing and its impact on finding and retaining quality employee talent. With a large pool of job seekers, including new Gen Z talent, and employees feeling the strain of pandemic life, video marketing is proven to be an effective tool in a company’s marketing (and human resources) arsenal.

Stats You Need to Know:

• According to Careerbuilder, “users who embraced the power of recruitment marketing videos
achieved a 34 percent uptick in application rates.”
• Properly optimized and disseminated, video can drive organic search by nearly 160 percent, helping
you to reach qualified candidates.
• Sharing video on social platforms can exceed text/image sharing by nearly 120 percent, providing
powerful opportunity to reach additional talent.

Increase Your Recruitment Funnel and Improve the Application Process

Standing out in a competitive hiring marketplace is a critical first step to leverage video content. A recent survey found that nearly 31 percent of HR professionals find it challenging to tell interesting stories about “boring topics,” including writing compelling job descriptions and postings. Video marketing can help change the narrative quickly from “boring” to “intriguing” if a candidate is able to hear directly from a manager, team lead and/or recruiter – or if they can see what your workplace environment is like.

Grab a candidate’s attention using engaging video content that makes them think “I want to know more about that organization.” Remember that a smart digital marketing recruitment campaign will already be targeting those who match your ideal candidate criteria. So, when your ad does serve to that audience, make sure you get their attention.

Savvy job seekers will also be searching your website and social media channels to learn more about your company and culture. Use video to showcase employee testimonials and information important to today’s candidates like corporate commitment to diversity and inclusion, benefits, and company values. Pro tip: make sure your videos are optimized for mobile devices.

Consider further enhancing the candidate experience by using video communication during the application process. A pre-recorded video to thank a job seeker for reaching out, or a video to communicate about next steps in the hiring process after an interview, especially to a final candidate, can go a long way to make your company stand out positively.

Enhance the New Employee On-Boarding Experience

Once an employee joins your company, the recruitment process has not ended! Video from HR, company leaders and division/department team members can help employees quickly learn more about their new professional environment. Remember, some employees may be working remotely, so opportunities to “chat around the watercooler” decrease.

Cue the stat above about “boring topics.” While a new employee can easily become overwhelmed by long employee handbook content, new HR policies and more, video can help distill the information into more entertaining and easily digestible bites, helping new hires acclimate more quickly. And those videos that you added to your website about company culture, benefits and more (see above) do double-duty here! Videos can help remind your workforce exactly why they work there, and how.

Champion Company Culture and Stewardship

With a hybrid of remote and in-person work likely to become the norm as pandemic restrictions ease, video is a great way to stay connected to employees across the organization. Use videos to:

• Keep employees informed about latest company updates (weekly or monthly).
• Highlight employee milestones like anniversaries and awards.
• Showcase the good work of employee volunteerism and activism.
• Involve your employees by asking for video testimonials for use on your web site and/or social media
channels. They will be likely to share the content to their own network, expanding your company’s
reach to new, potential talent.

We are Ready to Power Up Your Recruitment Marketing

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