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How to Target Prospects Strategically with “Big Data Marketing”

Digital marketing is complex and leading with a “big data marketing” mindset can seem daunting. Big data, AI and user tracking are top of mind for many marketers – but when it gets into the details of how, what and who – there can be confusion. As we add in multiple layers of interest targeting, geotargeting and the capabilities of different platforms, the intricacies expand.

To help, we’ve compiled an overview of how our team uses big data marketing strategies to target new customers and expand touchpoints.

What is Big Data and Who is Collecting It?

Simply, “Big Data” is all the information digitally tracked about a person. The website pages you read, the words you use to search, the type of content you engage with – all this data is collected. That information is combined into a data set, which then combines with other people’s data sets, and is analyzed. Computer algorithms then create profiles about you – predictive patterns, interests and associations – that we marketers can leverage.

Data is collected as you go through your day, so your profile is a full representation of you – what you do at work, what you do at home, what you like, etc. Keep in mind, data collected is not just from what you type and read after a Google® search, but also what you say and do. The Facebook App, Google Home Smart Speaker, Amazon Alexa, iBeacon tracking, etc. automatically collect data, image content, position tracking and more. This monitors what you do, where you go, what you say, and what you type. Advanced Big Data knows more about you than you probably care to imagine.

How Do We Use Big Data Marketing in Digital Campaigns?

The data available for B2B marketers has become more robust and refined. More than just a job type or industry, we can identify specific B2B interests – such as involvement in operations, supply chain, metals and more.

Different platforms allow these data collections to be leveraged by marketers. While each platform offers different data options, similarities exist.

Sites like Facebook, Google and Native platforms include a variety of interest settings, job information, demographic data as well as geographic statistics (including if you are home, at work, traveling, etc.). Sites like LinkedIn also provide job titles and past/current employers. These platforms have different dashboards, which require the understanding of interface settings and the nuances of each of them.

By carefully targeting segments, overlaying settings and aligning our B2B digital marketing campaigns with client goals, we can serve ads to your potential customers. We can even tailor ad content, timing and messaging to the individual – serving them ads they are most likely to engage with – which we also know from Big Data tracking.

Our digital marketing team is available to leverage a wide variety of Big Data – so that two people sitting right next to each other, both looking at the same website will see different ads.

Accessing Information for Big Data Marketing 

While the novice marketer can likely gain access to some of the profiling tools and platforms that leverage Big Data, an expert hand is needed to truly be effective. Understanding the complexities of these advanced tools allows marketers to correctly leverage all the capabilities. It takes time. It takes thought. And it takes skill.

Don’t be lured by automated platforms and auto-generated targeting and ad content. B2B marketing is complex and must be carefully implemented. Remember that a smart marketer will not only maximize your visibility and return, but also protect your brand as part of a well-crafted digital strategy. Placements, pacing, spend, conversions and more should be regularly monitored data points.

Big Data Marketing That Drives Results

At Stifel Marcin, we have more than two decades of B2B digital marketing expertise. We’ve watched the growth of platforms, digital opportunities and data tracking, and know how to maximize its value.

Let’s talk about your marketing goals, and how we can bring data-driven digital marketing into your mix to increase your visibility, brand positioning and sales.

Contact us today to learn more.

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