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Creating a Recruitment Marketing Strategy to Build Your Workforce

Today, talent acquisition managers need to do far more than post a job online to fill positions with the right candidates. At a time when 90% of professionals are open to new job opportunities, recruitment marketing is an effective way for companies to tap into a market of new professionals, as well as retain the employees they have.

A Brand Story That Engages Your Audience

Candidate expectations have changed and hiring teams have been working to adapt, cutting through the digital noise to reach and engage with great talent. The new generation of employees is technologically savvy, and typically performs extensive research to find the right company that holistically fills all their goals – financial and personal.

Additionally, keeping your existing workforce is absolutely critical. A strategic marketing campaign can showcase your company’s culture and purpose, engaging with your employees on an emotional level, while highlighting opportunities for them to achieve financial goals.

A well-crafted recruitment marketing strategy and campaign reassures your workforce that they are putting their energy into the right role, and that their employer is aligned with their personal vision.

5 Benefits of Recruitment Marketing

According to research conducted Aptitude Research Partners, 70% of companies are planning to invest in recruitment marketing technology within the year. Now more than ever, companies are realizing they must develop and effectively communicate their brand positions to foster a culture of engagement, equality and opportunity that fuels the mind and soul. Today’s talent wants to become a part of your company story.

Here are five key benefits that recruitment marketing campaigns can provide for your organization.

1. Strengthens Brand Alignment – Candidates do not apply to a company, they apply to a culture. They are looking to engage and grow in an environment that has values, opportunities, and in which their work has purpose. Across all disciplines, recruitment marketing can share your company’s story with potential candidates and existing employees. It reaffirms the value your products and services bring to others and aligns teams in a greater good that affects the world. All companies have a purpose, sometimes it just takes a well-crafted communications strategy to bring that story to life and empower a brand.

2. Hiring Efficiency – An on-going talent marketing campaign constantly engages with a talent pool. It promotes your brand positions and has assets (digital and physical) that provide a better candidate experience. Showing people that your brand is aligned with their values, and has the opportunities they are interested in, is critical for a labor pool which is open to change. In today’s fiercely competitive labor market – with many companies pursuing the same workforce pool – getting your brand positions out there is key. When you are ready to hire, your marketing campaign has already laid the groundwork, preparing a pipeline of interested potential candidates who are primed to join your company when they see that job post come online.

3. Reduces Hiring Costs – Beyond traditional job boards and paid recruitment services, a strategic marketing campaign can manage your budget. With strategic digital placements and careful planning, a marketing campaign can pinpoint your target audience and provide measurable results – increasing your reach in key target skills, industries and geographies for a controlled cost. Digital campaigns also can be continually improved, optimize your campaign messaging, media buys and spend. Much like account-based lead-gen marketing campaigns that acquire sales prospects, smart recruitment marketing goes after your ideal candidates and motivates them to connect.

4. Improves Team Diversity – It’s no secret that diverse teams are proven to be more effective. Recruitment marketing allows you to develop and target personas that build needed skill sets and diversify your team. Strategically-deployed digital campaigns remove some of the human factors that can lead to teams that all look alike, with messaging and positions that demonstrate that your brand values diversity and inclusion. Additionally, they can help combat existing perceptions, reshaping your brand and preparing it for tomorrow.

5. Builds Employee Engagement & Reduces Turnover – Teams thrive and succeed when an organization is aligned in purpose and every single employee feels important in the company story. Consider that the cost to replace an employee can be as much as 1.5x their annual salary. Recruitment marketing minimizes culture disconnect, which often contributes to turnover. Reminding employees how their work affects the world, and how the company values its team, can have long-lasting effects that vastly improve the employee experience and the bottom line.

Effective recruitment and engagement strategies leverage the power of marketing to help communicate key brand positions. Empowering your workforce as you show the value their work brings to the world and connecting with their hearts and minds is critical. Investing in employee engagement, promoting your company’s opportunities, and championing your culture and purpose-driven work can have significant impact. High-value top talent will not settle until they find the right fit, so be sure you are using every tool at your disposal to connect with them.

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