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As a B2B social media marketing agency, we work with you to develop comprehensive social media plans that tell your unique story, offering value to your customers and growing loyal brand followers.


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“We have been able to show prospective customers a glimpse of what we do without them having to leave their facility.” – John

Targeted, focused and trackable, social media marketing can be an effective tool for B2B companies.

From organic news feed efforts to campaigns with geo-focused, account-based and lookalike tactics, our B2B social media marketing agency brings a data-driven, results-focused approach to help companies meet their goals.

Through careful planning and refined targeting strategies, we leverage the full capabilities of different platforms. From Facebook® to LinkedIn® to YouTube® and beyond, our B2B social media marketing agency services connect you with customers – growing your influence and your sales.

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Integrated B2B Campaigns that Leverage Social Media

As a full-service marketing agency, Stifel Marcin offers the full range of capabilities needed for effective social media campaign development and deployment. Our B2B social media marketing strategies include:

  • Geo-fenced and geo-targeted campaigns for trade shows and industry events
  • Account-based tactics that target a specific organization, company type or end user profile
  • Industry-focused efforts that work to grow brand recognition into target verticals
  • Branding that connects businesses to their audience, promoting key messages and value positions
  • Recruitment marketing campaigns that help grow your workforce in highly-targeted ways
  • Lookalike campaigns that identify new potential customers and expand your reach
  • Remarketing that serves ads to past website visitors and helps move people down the sales funnel

From post creation to targeting and performance tracking, our experienced team can help increase the effectiveness and value of your social media marketing.

Trust Stifel Marcin as your B2B social media marketing agency

A Marketing Agency with Proven Social Media Solutions

As a marketing agency focused solely on B2B, our team understands how to maximize B2B social media opportunities for clients. We can tell your story, reach a new audience, help support workforce growth and use Big Data to speak to those customers you have never been able to reach.

During our two decades in business, we’ve seen the growth of B2B social media marketing and have a track record of effectiveness. Connect with us – through our website or social platforms – and let’s start a conversation.

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