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Interactive Tool for

Product Identification & Part Selection

To help streamline the ordering process for customers, we helped this manufacturer with B2B mobile app development and creation, and realized immediate improvement in the customer experience and sales generated.

Improving Brand Loyalty & Sales

A major wire manufacturer and wholesaler was looking to improve its customer experience, helping its large audience and wide variety of customer types quickly and easily select and purchase products.

As part of our integrated B2B marketing agency services, we analyzed the company’s current sales funnel and customer experience, identifying challenges and key opportunities for improvements.

To help serve customers in a range of settings – from offices to field operations – our team worked with the client on a B2B mobile app development solution, providing access to information from any location.

Serving audiences from procurement to maintenance, we developed an interactive interface that allowed app users to identify products through a variety of options, including specific applications and guides. With a visually-driven layout users could ensure they had selected the correct product for the application, and could quickly confirm product specs.

Through the mobile app interface, as well as desktop views, users could identify solutions quickly, interact with sales support staff, as well as begin the purchase process. The interactive solution received great response from both customers and sales teams, and quickly generated a return on its build investment in sales and leads generated.

A Holistic Marketing Plan Driven By Strategic B2B Mobile App Development

As part of the development process, we worked with engineers, sales and marketing representatives to help address concerns and the unique perspectives of the various customer types. As part of our B2B mobile app development services, our content team helped create key messaging highlighting brand benefits throughout the piece, improving awareness and loyalty, while also cross-selling solutions. Our design team also worked to ensure cohesive presentation of brand standards, creating an app that had the look and feel of other company marketing assets.

With a fully-planned sales funnel and UX, our app development team integrated a variety of functions to streamline content presentation and usage. Cut-away views of wires, call-out boxes with product specs and features, as well as easy-to-access reference materials ensured a complete experience for the user. As a final step, users could begin the purchase process or download data sheets, helping generate leads and sales for the company.

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Integrated Marketing Expertise

With full-service marketing solutions and a specialized focus on B2B industries, our team helps brands increase visibility, improve sales and meet their KPIs. From content to digital to strategy and branding, our partnership approach achieves results. Explore more of our B2B mobile app development and presentation work:

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