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Web-Based Calculator Tools for

Product Selection

With an extensive product line of sealing and flow control solutions, our manufacturing app development expertise helped this company provide fast product recommendations based on engineering calculations.

Supporting the Customer Journey & Improving Conversions

An international manufacturer of sealing and flow control technology, SFC KOENIG® provides a range of standard and custom solutions. Its expander seals, flow restrictors and check valves are available in different sizes, materials and performance ratings based on design perimeters and application requirements.

During the selection of a flow restrictor, engineers and designers evaluate a variety of data to determine the correct component. To help with this process, SFC KOENIG had originally developed an Excel-based application for their internal teams. As part of our integrated B2B marketing services for the company, we helped transform this tool into an effective marketing asset that improved the customer experience and reduced their internal sales team’s workload.

First, our team worked to create two easy-to-use web-based calculator tools, supporting users on mobile devices and desktops, without the need of a download. We then created a plan to maximize marketing opportunities and return for the manufacturing app development project.

On launch, landing pages were optimized and internal links developed to create visibility to search engines and to website visitors. The tools were also promoted across email, trade press releases and presentations to further increase awareness.

Expertise & Understanding in Manufacturing App Development

Working with engineers at SFC KOENIG, our experienced manufacturing app development team identified the best ways to transform the existing tools, expanding their functionality and creating a UX suitable for a first-time customer to understand.

A back-end database was created to support calculator functions, and included alerts should an orifice size not match part tolerance allowances, or if the flow rate was not acceptable. With easy-to-use dropdowns, minimal customer data inputs, and clear measurement indicators, the tools supported international users with different metrics and English data.

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Full-Service B2B Marketing Capabilities

During our long partnership, Stifel Marcin has supported SFC KOENIG’s marketing efforts across a variety of channels and campaigns. From yearly planning to ongoing initiatives to special projects, our team puts our full service marketing capabilities and B2B expertise to work every day for this leading B2B organization. Explore our work for SFC KOENIG, including:

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