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Our expertise in branding for manufacturers helped Newcomb Spring create cohesiveness that improved brand strength and communicated key benefit positions across its network of facilities.

Conveying Strength Across Communications

For over a century, Newcomb Spring has provided custom spring and metal form manufacturing. During that time the company’s brand and marketing materials underwent a range of changes, with various iterations of icons and identities. There was a need for a strategic plan to ensure strength and alignment as the company continued its growth trajectory.

As part of our integrated B2B marketing agency services, we worked with Newcomb to develop a plan for consistency, compliance and success.

Leveraging our expertise in branding for manufacturers, Stifel Marcin conducted a brand audit, updating the company logo, and creating a standards guide to promote compliance across locations and departments. We then helped the organization implement the standardization, ensuring the century-old company reflected the image of the technologically-advanced, cutting edge Newcomb Spring.

Together, the purposeful strategy, practical implementation plan and updated brand assets ensured the company retained its position as one of North America’s leading manufacturers, while promoting its continued evolution and constant innovation.

Strategic Expertise in Branding for Manufacturers

As part of our brand audit, the Stifel Marcin team evaluated company identities and marketing assets. Approved brand colors and fonts were formalized as part of this process, creating a consistent standard that would be used across all materials.

As part of our efforts establishing branding for manufacturers, we also evaluated logo identities, and worked with the client to review recommendations.

Building off the established design, we revised the Newcomb Spring corporate logo with a new font layout and format, creating an updated and modern feel while retaining recognizability. Additionally, the company’s kangaroo mascot, “Kan-Do” Joey, had been in place for decades and was widely recognized by both customers and staff. As part of our branding efforts, Stifel Marcin modernized the Joey icon, adjusting the kangaroo shape and look with updated styling.

Across all efforts we worked to ensure key brand positions were communicated, remaining true to standards and maximizing the impact of every brand touchpoint. Learn more about our B2B branding agency services.

Integrated B2B Marketing

Our work with Newcomb Spring has addressed a full range of initiatives, spanning years and even generations of company leadership. In addition to leveraging our expertise in branding for manufacturers, we have also provided the company with efforts including:

We support clients on a wide range of efforts with a customized approach tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for a new marketing partner, have a set scope of work or are looking to our expertise in branding for manufacturers, our team is here to help.

Two Decades Helping Successful B2B Brands Grow

With integrated marketing services and a collaborative approach, the team at Stifel Marcin helps B2B companies achieve success. Our industry expertise and years of experience branding for manufacturers can help you improve awareness, increase brand strength and generate sales. Since 2001 we have provided smart marketing solutions for B2B organizations of all sizes, and we are ready to help you.

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