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Product Info & Brand Positions

With a clean layout and organized presentation of product details, we helped this manufacturer provide highly-technical specifications and strong brand messaging with our expert industrial catalog design company services.

Technical Details & Product Specs for Education and Selection

Centritec Seals designs and manufacturers a patented, non-contact seal which is available in a variety of models and configurations. The one-of-a-kind product line utilizes a centrifugal, pressure-driven operation to extend lifespan and maintain lubricant quality.

As part of our integrated B2B marketing agency services, Stifel Marcin developed a detailed, 12-page catalog that described the seals’ operation and applications, as well as listed product types, sizes, materials and installation configurations to facilitate purchase.

Leveraging our team’s expertise in industrial catalog design, our content, design and strategy teams worked together to maximize marketing impact, educating readers while converting prospects to leads.

Application imagery was included throughout the piece, demonstrating the wide variety of installation options, with technical support information as well as product-specific details. Throughout the catalog, benefit-oriented messaging was integrated, conveying brand positions, strengths, and value to customers. Additional calls-to-action helped drive users into relevant sales and engineering sales funnels, increasing leads and awareness.

Industrial Catalog Design Company Services & Strategic Marketing Expertise

With its highly-technical engineering content, Stifel Marcin collaborated with the client to develop catalog text, imagery, charts and layouts. The piece’s organization and copywriting allowed for clear and quick access to information, providing understanding for a wide variety of customer personas.
Within the clean layout, extensive and detailed product information helped customers identify the correct parts, with reference data to specify size and configuration requirements. Clear contact information helped readers connect with various Centritec Seals sales and engineering teams, ensuring fast access to support and maximizing conversion potential.

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Integrated B2B Marketing Efforts

Based on a comprehensive marketing plan, our B2B marketing services helped Centritec Seals educate its audience, increase awareness and generate leads. As a new brand, the company had no existing marketing assets. With our partnership approach, we collaborated with the Centritec team, advising how to use budgets for the greatest return based on the goals and needs. In addition to our industrial catalog design company services, we provided:

As with everything we do, our full service efforts were designed to meet Centritec Seals’ goals. At Stifel Marcin, we know that our clients’ success is our success. Learn more about our difference and discover a B2B marketing agency completely dedicated to your success.

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