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Combining optimized content and digital targeting, our work creating PPC for industrial companies helped this manufacturer drive clicks, leads and sales.

Driving Qualified Traffic

Newcomb Spring, one of North America’s largest custom spring and metal form manufacturers, has worked with Stifel Marcin for years on integrated marketing solutions. With the company’s wide variety of applications, nine locations across North America, and its strategic sales goals always front of mind, we have partnered with Newcomb to achieve great results.

As part of our full service capabilities, Newcomb leveraged our proven success in developing and optimizing campaigns in PPC for industrial companies. We built a complex paid search campaign targeting different audience verticals, while promoting the company’s full range of metal forming capabilities. A strategic combination of display ads, search text results and remarketing drive highly-targeted audiences to the site, and move them into marketing funnels.

Our B2B expertise, combined with our deep understanding of manufacturing industries, has allowed us to craft purposeful content and deploy smart targeting that has helped Newcomb improve its results, with year-over-year increases in KPIs. From ad design to content writing to analysis and reporting, the integrated experience of the Stifel Marcin team creates success for this industry-leading manufacturer.

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Data Analysis in PPC Campaigns for Industrial Companies

As part of our work for Newcomb Spring, the Stifel Marcin team developed a comprehensive digital marketing plan which included pay-per-click, content placements and social media, as well as digital ads on key trade publications. Messaging across all efforts supported the Newcomb Spring brand, promoting key brand benefits while increasing website traffic and new leads.

As part of our efforts providing PPC for industrial companies, we continually analyze performance metrics, using data to make informed updates and optimizations. Visitor paths, click activity, conversation rates and more are analyzed. With our integrated digital capabilities and B2B expertise we are able to identify opportunities and create smart solutions. Additionally, all Stifel Marcin clients receive regular reporting on digital campaign performance, so you understand the value of your marketing spend, and so we can work together to reach your goals.

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Full Service B2B Marketing

Our work with Newcomb Spring has addressed a full range of initiatives, spanning years and even generations of company leadership. In addition to our services in PPC for industrial companies, we have also provided the company with efforts including:

We support clients on a wide range of efforts with a customized approach tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for a new marketing partner, have a set scope of work, or need help with PPC for industrial companies targets, our team is here to help.

Two Decades of B2B Marketing Results

With integrated marketing services, expert digital capabilities and a collaborative approach, the team at Stifel Marcin delivers results. Our industry expertise helps clients improve their brand positions and achieve marketing success. Since 2001 we have provided smart marketing solutions for B2B organizations of all sizes, as we are ready to help you. From content development to SEO to PPC for industrial companies – our experts are here to help.

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