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Elevating Your B2B Recruitment Marketing in a Great Resignation World

In 2021, a record number of Americans left their jobs – many noting that the pandemic prompted a self-evaluation of employment choices and a search for higher wages, increased flexibility/remote work, work-life balance, purpose-driven work, among other reasons.

What does “the great resignation” mean for employers? It’s an opportunity to both refine your B2B recruitment marketing strategy and find talent from a wide pool of candidates. But with an increase in job searchers comes more competition for talent. With job searchers being more selective than ever before, in what’s being dubbed a “candidates’ market,” now is the time to make sure your organization is poised for recruitment success. Below are some ways to elevate your B2B recruitment marketing.

A Good First Impression is Everything

When a candidate is researching employment opportunities, they will likely head straight for your company website. It may just be their first introduction to your organization. And as the old saying goes, “you only have one shot to make a good first impression.” Your company’s value proposition should be clear and visible throughout, conveying the value and impact of your work beyond the office walls, and your site navigation should be crafted with an easy-to-follow user experience in mind (you want potential candidates focused on learning about your products/services and culture, not trying to figure out where to find information).

Highlight Company Culture and Values

Today’s candidates want to find a professional space that not only aligns with their professional values, but often their personal vision as well. Connecting with their hearts and minds has never been more important. If you need help developing your brand story and delivering it across channels with impact and care, your agency partner can help you. Other tactics to consider:

  • Showcase your company’s culture, diversity and corporate social responsibility efforts. 
  • Highlight current staff testimonials.  
  • Feature photos of your office space and special events.  
  • Incorporate videos featuring thought-leaders, managers and potential teammates. Check out our article on attracting and retaining talent with effective video marketing for more tips. 
  • Share user generated content (with permission of course) on social media, and include employee achievements, company milestones, internal/external events, support of charitable causes and more. 

Optimize the Candidate Experience

Candidates are looking for a seamless and transparent application process. Make sure job listings are up to date, with role descriptions that are clear and easy to understand (keep inside “jargon” to a minimum). Tip: make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices (58 percent of Glassdoor users say they look for jobs on their phones).

Consider Remarketing

Serving digital ads to users who visited hiring-related pages of your website will help keep your brand top-of-mind. A potential candidate may have started their career search before they were sure they needed a change, or perhaps they were not prepared to finish the application process. Serving ads to those who showed interest but didn’t convert (i.e., submit an application) will keep your story present and encourage those potential candidates to re-enter your recruitment funnel.

Power Up Your B2B Recruitment Marketing

Is your brand’s story living up to its full potential for workforce attraction? With a candidate pool ready and eager to find their next professional opportunities, now is the time to develop a B2B recruitment marketing strategy that drives results. Our team is ready to help your team succeed in your recruitment marketing and workforce engagement. Contact us and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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