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The art of creating compelling messages that impel customers to act requires knowing what to say, how to say it and where your messages should appear.

Our Content Planning Approach

Effective communication is at the heart of everything we do at Stifel Marcin. With a strategic delivery of brand support and calls-to-action, our B2B content marketing agency services deliver words and visual images that get customers to act. From video to infographics to white papers, we craft smart and memorable content that is tailored to the customer. We then leverage opportunities in PR, search engine marketing, social content strategy and a wide variety of traditional and digital marketing platforms to maximize the results.

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We Develop an Effective Digital Content Strategy

Content is all around us, in physical and digital instances, and as consumers, we recognize the increasing availability of information in our lives. Since 2001, Stifel Marcin has built a reputation offering effective B2B content marketing agency services, crafting the messages and the strategies that turn potentials into customers.

By expertly combining effective branding, messaging, placement and data analysis, our B2B content marketing agency services deliver results and more touchpoints in the sales cycle.

As digital information has become a part of our everyday lives – the average person spends more than 10 hours a day in front of a screen – our B2B content marketing agency services have become more important. Content development – for search engines, for remarketing, for social content strategy and beyond – is a cornerstone of virtually every marketing effort produced by Stifel Marcin.

B2B Content Development Services Guided by Strategy

While some approach marketing and advertising focused on the projects that will be produced, Stifel Marcin generates the best return when we start with a plan. Our team can review opportunities, develop content based on those opportunities and then deploy and repurpose that information throughout digital, search engine and social content strategies to increase return. At some point content development will require our client support – after all, they are experts at what they do. But with Stifel Marcin’s experience as one of the leading industrial marketing firms, our B2B content marketing agency services can minimize client effort and maximize results.

Content opportunities are important when planning a strategy, as well as must evolve as a campaign is deployed. Our B2B content marketing agency team members are experts at crafting content that promotes your brand and your message, and most importantly, generates leads and sales. The content we develop is often used across many of our services, such as:

Turning Content Into Results

For almost two decades, Stifel Marcin has helped our clients generate sales and grow their businesses. We understand how to take your products, services, and story, and elevate it in a way that impels customers to act. From search engine marketing to press release articles to social content strategy – our B2B content marketing agency services get results.

As a full-service agency, we combine a diverse variety of disciplines – from digital to traditional – and our B2B content marketing team can evaluate performance to identify trackable engagement. We’ll chart the sales funnel for your customers, and deliver customized content based on a specific user’s actions, increasing your customer touchpoints with messaging specific to that user.

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