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Corporate Alignment Across

Customized Division Branding

Through strategy, messaging and visuals, our full-service B2B brand marketing agency team helped create awareness and impact for each CMI business unit.

Creating Consistency & Customization Across Divisions

Control Module Industries divisions serve a variety of markets, with solutions that utilize real-time information sharing and processing to track and manage resources. From EVs to HR applications, CMI uniquely combines technology, proprietary products and software to serve some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 organizations.

As part of our integrated B2B marketing agency services, Stifel Marcin supported CMI with the development of unique branding for its divisions.

The company’s existing brand identities had become standardized, and visuals did not convey unique benefit positions or iconography that worked to associate each division within the markets it served.

After a competitive review, the Stifel Marcin B2B brand marketing agency team developed a customized strategy for each division – working to create consistency and cohesiveness for CMI as a whole, but also focus that connected each division with its target audience. A unique logo design, key messaging and repeatable brand aesthetics were created for each CMI division, helping successfully build awareness and create a modern impact for each business unit.

Proven B2B Brand Marketing Agency Expertise

Leveraging blue and green CMI corporate colors, new logos and brand palettes were developed, creating consistency and complementary aesthetics across each division. Our B2B brand marketing agency team individualized each division’s unique strategy, positioning and logo identify, incorporating references to each business unit’s products and capabilities. From angled time clock elements in the CMI Time Management logo, to EV iconography for its EVSE division, to traffic lanes referencing Fleet Management’s vehicle tracking solutions – each brand was given uniqueness and personality while remaining consistent to corporate structures.

Stifel Marcin also assisted in the development of a suite of marketing materials for each division. With websites, content creation, PR, product materials and more, our integrated marketing capabilities created impact.

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Integrated B2B Marketing Efforts

With full-service marketing capabilities, we help organizations with complete solutions that help define strategies, meet KPIs and increase the impact of marketing efforts. Explore more of our B2B brand marketing agency work, as well as our complete portfolio:

As with everything we do, our full-service capabilities and B2B brand marketing agency team worked to meet CMI’s unique goals. At Stifel Marcin, we know that our clients’ success is our success. Learn more about our difference, and discover a B2B marketing agency completely dedicated to your success.

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