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To support this centrifugal seal manufacturer as it worked to increase awareness, Stifel Marcin provided integrated marketing services, kicked off by our industrial branding agency team’s strategies.

The Branding Strategy & Design

A new and patented solution, Centritec Seals offers a one-of-a-kind sealing product. With its centrifugal design, these seals work to keep lubricants in and contaminants out, delivering efficiency and reliability.

Defining a product that many don’t know exists is the type of challenge we love at Stifel Marcin. As part of our integrated marketing efforts, our industrial branding agency team first set out to develop a strategy that would increase awareness and visibility.

Working with Centritec Seals during our specialized client intake process, our marketing team learned about the technical product line and the engineering that made it work. Through client collaboration, market research, and comparative analysis, we developed our strategy – defining the key positions, tactics and messages that would help the brand grow.

As part of the identity creation, our industrial branding agency design team used the product as inspiration, artfully incorporating the shape of a cut-away seal into two “C’s” – which combined into one complete “S” – becoming the initials for Centritec Seals.

Industrial Branding Agency Design Team Approach

As a brand with little market recognition, and a technology that was proprietary and unique, our branding strategy and design teams collaborated to determine how core benefit positions would be realized in the logo design.

Using strong, bold fonts choices, the new logo identity projected the image of a reliable and established brand, with a design well-suited for various print and digital applications.

Two blues were used in both the gradient and the “CS” icon, creating visual interest while projecting the professionalism, reliability and strength that blue tones connote. A part of CJM, the blues also helped to showcase Centritec Seals relationship to its parent company, creating complementary aesthetics when the two logo designs appeared together.

Learn more about our team and our industrial branding agency approach.

Integrated B2B Marketing Efforts

Based on a comprehensive marketing plan, we provided B2B marketing services to educate the audience, increase awareness and generate leads. As a new brand, the company had no existing marketing assets. With our partnership approach, we collaborated with the Centritec Seals team, advising how to use budgets for the greatest return based on the goals and needs. View some of our work for the company:

As with everything we do, our full-service capabilities and industrial branding agency team worked to meet Centritec Seals’s unique goals. At Stifel Marcin, we know that our clients’ success is our success.

20+ Years of B2B Marketing Success

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