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Reflecting Key

Brand Positions

Showcasing expertise, sophistication and advanced capabilities, we helped OKAY Industries present key brand positions. With life science & medical logo and corporate identify design, as well as tag line and value messaging creation, we help present the image of an industry leader.

Communicating Brand Values

OKAY Industries is a leading manufacturer of medical components and assemblies. As part of our integrated marketing agency support, we helped the company with branding strategies, message development and medical logo and corporate identity design.

Stifel Marcin worked in collaboration with the team at OKAY, identifying core brand values, benefit positions, and competitive advantages. Our creative team then crafted the tag line “Part of Something Greater” to represent the organization’s purpose-driven work – manufacturing parts for life-saving applications, parts often used within high-tech medical devices.

Our content team also supported OKAY in the development of key value propositions and brand benefit statements, crafting messaging that emotionally connected the company’s work to its impact on health, lives and the community.

Our design team then worked to visually present those key positions. From refining the existing OKAY Industries logo for better reproduction to the creation of unique names and logos for the company’s process and customer support services, we helped ensure consistency and purpose in the organizations branding.

Creative & Cohesive Medical Logo and Corporate Identify Design

Ensuring cohesive branding across all marketing elements, Stifel Marcin’s creative team provided medical logo and corporate identity design services that worked to enforce key positions, while presenting the look of a cohesive organization. Depending on the application, designs incorporated elements from OKAY’s main corporate identity, brand colors, as well as high-tech elements reflecting an advanced and industry-leading manufacturer.

Stifel Marcin supported OKAY in the naming and logo design of its NexTech Labs prototype and process development center, as well as with designs for internal programs that supported its workforce and key positions. In each, colors, fonts and visual elements helped to connect branding and maximize impact.

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Integrated Marketing Expertise

As a full service marketing agency, we have provided a range of branding, content and digital marketing efforts for OKAY Industries during our long relationship. In addition to our branding, messaging and medical logo and corporate identify design, we have supported OKAY with:

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