multi-channel digital strategy

Digital Campaign to

Drive Registrations

With a goal of increasing sign-ups and promoting the educational benefits for its new e-learning platform, we created a strategic multi-channel digital strategy to spur action in key industrial audiences.

Engagement & Brand Building

LOCTITE® is a global leader in industrial adhesive solutions. The brand’s products are high-performance, engineered adhesive, sealant and coating products designed for industrial and commercial purposes.

In addition to its high-quality products, the brand works to provide a variety of benefits to industry professionals. As part of this, a new education and training offering, the LOCTITE® XPLORE e-learning platform, was introduced. As part of the roll-out we supported LOCTITE with a multi-channel digital strategy.

Working to drive registrations and highlight the informative technical information offered on the platform, Stifel Marcin crafted a complex campaign, optimizing costs based on platform usage demographics and client insights. To reach LOCTITE loyalists as well as new users, our team developed campaigns and assets for social media, search engines and other key digital media placements.

With multiple campaigns running in different platforms and geographies, key metrics were constantly monitored and evaluated. Ongoing optimizations worked to refine targeting and reach unique audience segments, using a variety of data points to optimize campaign return.

Optimizing Costs & Increasing Awareness with Multi-Channel Digital Strategy Expertise

With core assets provided by the LOCTITE® team, Stifel Marcin modified visuals and created new custom materials specifically for the North American market. With eye-catching ad content our team showcased XPLORE’s benefits, ease-of-use and value for a wide range of professionals, from those early in their career to those who were experienced.
With different audience types engaging on different platforms, our team developed a multi-channel digital strategy for messaging and visuals that worked to increase clicks and conversions. With ongoing client collaboration, Stifel Marcin provided a variety of marketing services across campaigns including:

  • Digital campaign landing pages
  • Video ad content with social media ad text
  • Static and animated display ad content
  • Paid search text ad content
  • Video concept, storyboarding and planning
  • Digital marketing strategy and targeting on multiple social platforms and search engines
  • PR coverage in digital and print trade media

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Full-Service B2B Marketing Capabilities Expertise

As a full-service marketing agency we have provided a range of branding, content and digital marketing efforts for LOCTITE®. In addition to our efforts helping with their multi-channel digital strategy, explore more of our work for this leading brand, including:

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