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Championing the Brand and

Promoting Capabilities

We helped this advanced metal form manufacturer convey key brand benefits and detailed production capabilities in this industrial brochure development project.

Communicating Key Information in Print & Digital Applications

One of North America’s largest and most respected custom metal form manufacturers, Newcomb Spring needed an industrial brochure to highlight the company’s capabilities and products within targeted B2B audiences.

As part of our integrated B2B marketing services, Stifel Marcin developed a plan to maximize resources across a variety of communications and promotional efforts, helping the company to optimize costs and outcomes. We deployed photography, design elements, and content across other marketing tactics that were in production, as well as used the assets when planning new efforts. With both print and digital industrial brochure versions, the piece and the materials used to create it were used across the company’s website, ads, email and more.

Stylized photography showcased the precision and beauty of Newcomb’s parts, presenting the company’s metal forms as visual reflections of the brand’s quality. With easy-to-read content organization, visually-engaging design, and detailed engineering information, this piece became a key asset in customer visits and trade shows and helps to position Newcomb Spring as an industry leading resource.

An Industrial Brochure Reflecting Brand Quality & Value

Throughout the 16-page piece we promoted core brand benefits, highlighting Newcomb’s facility network and expertise, and providing a complete sales piece for customers. Content showcased manufacturing capabilities and engineering specifications in an easy-to-read format. In each element – from text to design – a cutting-edge organization with state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions was presented.
Reflective photography and a repeating square background pattern gave a high-tech and customized look to the industrial brochure design, items which became repeated brand elements carried across other Newcomb Spring marketing materials. A custom varnish added to the feeling of quality, which created layers of reflection and gave a 3D look to Newcomb Spring’s parts.

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Integrated B2B Marketing Solutions

During our long partnership with Newcomb Spring, we have helped the company build its brand, strengthen its marketing, and improve results. In addition to helping the company create this industrial brochure, we have also delivered impactful marketing solutions that include:

We support clients on a wide range of efforts with a customized approach tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for a new marketing partner, have a set scope of work, or need help with a new industrial brochure for your business, our team is here to help.

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Since 2001 we have provided full service marketing solutions for companies of all sizes. Our unique focus on B2B industries, combined with our integrated marketing expertise, helps organizations achieve success and surpass KPIs. Whether you are looking for help with a new industrial brochure or a cohesive marketing plan – our experts at at your service. Successful outcomes are why clients stay with us, and why we are proud to work with many of the same companies we opened our doors with 20+ years ago.

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