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From brand visual recommendations to logo design and marketing material creation, our integrated industrial branding agency services helped define this inking solution in a competitive marketplace.

Creative Brand Design & Messaging

A provider of industrial package marking systems and inking solutions came to Stifel Marcin to support the launch of its new inkjet product line. With a series of branding, design and messaging efforts, we helped bring PrimeX to market. Our efforts helped communicate key brand positions, developed brand identity elements, and provided the marketing materials the PrimeX sales team needed to generate interest and sales.

Leveraging our integrated B2B marketing agency capabilities, our team first conducted a strategic review of the marketplace, defining competitive advantages and key brand requirements. With a collaborative approach, we worked with the client to refine and finalize the plan, outlining the visual elements, key positions and assets needed.

With bold, contrasting colors and dynamic shapes, the PrimeX logo was created. Recognizable, dynamic and unique, the identity stood out from a crowded industrial ink marketplace. Our industrial branding agency team also developed the product tag line “Printing to the Power of X”, emphasizing the PrimeX line’s industry leading adherence, and enforcing its powerful results to a technical audience.

Branding elements were carried across a series of collateral materials. In each, consistent colors and visual elements helped build recognizability, and ultimately created impact and awareness with the industry.

Full Service Marketing & Industrial Branding Agency Expertise

Part of an inkjet solution product family, the PrimeX brand was designed to promote its unique abilities while still aligning with existing aesthetics and visual standards. While bold and unique, the final logo design and positioning helped enforce key product benefits while retaining cohesiveness with similar company offerings.

A lower-case font treatment echoed the aesthetics of other product family icons. Our industrial branding agency design team also worked to integrate required elements with finesse. A small, red dot that appeared through the ink suite was combination with an angled, swooping X graphic, creating movement, excitement and innovative impact. Black colors were added to brand red and gray aesthetics, further increasing impact and recognition in both the logo identity as well as the tag line design.

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Integrated Marketing Capabilities that Drive Results

With a specialized focus on B2B audiences, we were able to utilize a variety of our full service industrial branding agency solutions to support PrimeX marketing. From strategy to copywriting to product marketing materials, our expertise helped deliver results and generate sales. Explore more of our industrial branding and marketing agency portfolio:

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For more than 20 years, Stifel Marcin has provided leading organizations with B2B marketing solutions that achieve goals and drive return. Whether you need our industrial branding agency expertise, have a specific scope of services, or you need a full-service marketing partner, our team is here to help.

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