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Product Benefits & Brand Identity

We leveraged our brochure design services and B2B marketing expertise to develop a brochure highlighting product features and benefits, and introduced the new technology to market.

Everything With Purpose

Envirosight, a leading water, pipeline and sewer inspection equipment company, required a versatile printed piece to showcase their newest push camera product. The brochure was developed to support sales teams and promote the product’s launch during a significant industry trade show. The large, tri-fold piece effectively presents technical data, user information as well as its best-in-class features for customer meetings, demos and as takeaway collateral.

Using a range of our integrated B2B marketing agency services, Stifel Marcin partnered with Envirosight to create a compelling brochure that effectively highlighted the benefits and capabilities of this new sewer inspection equipment, while maximizing production efficiency and minimizing the client’s time commitment.

Through close collaboration, we refined the design, incorporated feedback and made adjustments to ensure the final product met and exceeded expectations. With content writing, photography, design, and printing, the Stifel Marcin team provided holistic brochure design services to transform the project from idea to reality, and delivered it on-time to the tradeshow.

The tri-fold brochure now serves as a powerful marketing tool, showcasing the features of the new product and contributing to a successful product launch.

Showcasing the Quality & Versatility of Advanced Pipeline & Sewer Inspection Equipment

While our team was charged with creating a large-scale, tri-fold brochure to highlight the features of a brand-new addition to our client’s line of inspection solutions, the fact that the product was new also meant there were challenges aligning design and photography needs with a product that was new to market and inventory in high-demand. Getting units for photography was difficult, and the availability of relevant product imagery – that applied to the model – was limited. Our team worked to provide integrated brochure design services that adhered to the brand’s existing style but also effectively communicated the unique selling points of the product.

Through messaging, informational content, graphic elements and supporting photography, our brochure design services combined to define core brand benefits and key elements specific to this model. Integrating a combination of photography, feature close-ups, charts, and diagrams into the brochure design, helped convey key functional information while complementing the brand’s aesthetic. Messaging and design elements were also tailored to resonate with potential customers.

The final product was available on-time and distributed during a nearly week-long industry trade show, where the new pipeline and sewer inspection equipment was officially launched to the public.

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Integrated Marketing Expertise

Partnering with Stifel Marcin for brochure design services means more than just getting a visually appealing piece of marketing collateral. It’s about leveraging our B2B expertise, creativity, and dedication to elevate your brand and achieve your marketing objectives. View some more of our B2B collateral and brochure design services and find our full portfolio:

As an integrated marketing agency, we support clients on a wide range of efforts with a customized approach tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for a new marketing agency, have a set scope of work, or need brochure design services, our team is here to help. Learn more about our difference and discover a B2B marketing company completely dedicated to your success.

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