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Product Presentation

Leveraging our manufacturer catalog design company expertise, we helped this tool provider increase sales and loyalty with a piece that improved the customer experience.

The Creative & Production Strategy

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wire and cable preparation devices, Ripley Tools offers a range of brands within its product line. To help serve customers in the field and in the office, the company regularly produces and updates its extensive tool catalog.

Leveraging a variety of our integrated B2B marketing services, Ripley looked to our experience providing manufacturer catalog design company services to help produce a new printed piece. Our team not only worked to optimize usability of the product catalog but was able to develop a unique and more cost-effective approach.

Ensuring key brand positions and benefits were presented, our team worked collaboratively with the client in the new design solution. Incorporating branding elements from the primary Ripley Tool logo as design aesthetics, a new, small format layout was created. Compact and easily carried by customers in a toolbox, the modern layout improved usability, with color-coded categories that allowed readers to quickly identify sections.

The spiral-bound piece was rugged, extensive and successfully served a variety of customer segments, ultimately improving brand loyalty and leads generated.

Integrated Capabilities and Manufacturer Catalog Design Company Expertise

Stifel Marcin worked with Ripley Tool reviewing customer personas, catalog usage, as well as budget allowances. With key positions identified, our design team worked to enforce brand aesthetics and developed core elements of the large catalog, including the cover, table of contents and title section pages.
Knowing the client planned to implement regular product and spec updates in-house, template pages were established to allow for easy changes that maintained overall design quality. Within the master file font options, text sizes and photo formatting was set, establishing consistent page layout options that could be deployed. Working to meet client goals and needs, our manufacturer catalog design company expertise combined with our full-service marketing capabilities to ensure a final piece that was usable and cost-effective for years to come.

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Integrated B2B Marketing Efforts

With full-service marketing capabilities, we help organizations with complete solutions that help define strategies, meet KPIs and increase the impact of marketing efforts. Explore more of our manufacturer catalog design company work, as well as our complete portfolio:

As with everything we do, our full-service capabilities and manufacturer catalog design company team worked to meet Ripley Tools’ unique goals. At Stifel Marcin, we know that our clients’ success is our success. Learn more about our difference, and discover a B2B marketing agency completely dedicated to your success.

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