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Working to meet key deadlines and budget requirements, we leveraged our expert manufacturer brochure design agency capabilities to help this business grow.

A Brochure Designed for Sales

Truelove & Maclean has been manufacturing deep-drawn and progressive die stampings since 1944. The company was looking to create a multi-purpose printed piece to support their sales team at customer meetings, trade shows and as leave-behind collateral.

Utilizing a variety of our integrated B2B marketing agency services, we partnered with the manufacturer to produce an effective piece that optimized costs and minimized the client’s time requirements.

With Stifel Marcin’s years of B2B experience, and expertise supporting companies with our manufacturing brochure design agency capabilities, we developed a cost-effective piece that improved the Truelove & Maclean’s brand presentation. Clear and effective messaging helped communicate core benefit positions, with a professional look that elevated the brand from other deep-draw and stamping companies.

Through our collaborative process, our team helped develop an effective printed asset on-time and in-budget. We also provided the final piece as an electronic asset, giving sales team members an easily-shared digital file. Truelove & Maclean relied on the brochure as a core marketing asset, and effectively utilized the piece to increase awareness and sales.

Integrated Marketing & Expert Manufacturer Brochure Design Agency Capabilities

Working to develop a flexible and robust sales asset, Stifel Marcin created the brochure in a unique and “non-standard” size. Small enough to be mailed cost-effectively, but larger than a traditional tri-fold brochure, our manufacturer brochure design agency team created impact within controlled budget perimeters.

Product photography was utilized throughout the design, highlighting in a quick and visual way Truelove & Maclean’s stamping and deep drawing capabilities. The company’s diamond shape logo element was utilized, integrated as a geometric background pattern, emphasizing brand iconography. Additionally, a series of custom varnishes in the printed brochure presented the company with sophistication and a focus on quality.

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Full Service Marketing Expertise

With integrated marketing solutions and a specialized focus on B2B industries, our team helps brands increase visibility, improve sales and meet their KPIs. From content to digital to strategy and branding, our partnership approach achieves results. Explore more of our manufacturer brochure design agency work:

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Two Decades of B2B Marketing Results

For more than 20 years, Stifel Marcin has provided leading organizations with B2B marketing solutions that achieve goals and drive return. Whether you need our manufacturer brochure design agency expertise, have a specific scope of services or are looking for new marketing agency partner, our team is here to help.

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