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To demonstrate installation and performance of this sealing and flow control technology, we provided industrial video production and product animation services that visually told the story to a global audience.

Communicating Solutions & Benefits

The original inventor of the one-piece sealing solution, SFC KOENIG® manufactures sealing and flow control solutions for OEMs around the world. With the introduction of a new check valve product line, the company expanded its engineering capabilities and needed to promote this new technology to its international customer base.

As part of our integrated B2B marketing services campaign, Stifel Marcin worked with the client to create a plan which included a key trade event, press coverage, customer communications and more. To support all efforts, we worked with SFC engineers, providing product animation and industrial video production services that clearly explained the new product line’s benefits, functions and installation process.

A detailed story board of the industrial video production process was created first, ensuring key points were communicated, and helping to optimize production processes and lower editing costs. Using CAD drawings and client insights, animations were created that highlighted two main product types within the check valve series. The final videos utilized no voice over and minimal text on screen to allow the pieces to be used for an international, multi-language audience.

With options for trade show displays, sales team presentations and search engine optimized digital marketing, our experience in industrial video production helped this manufacturer create visibility and awareness. The omni-channel product introduction created immediate interest, and is now one of the company’s core offerings.

From Film to Final Render, Expertise in Industrial Video Production

SFC KOENIG® operates internationally, with manufacturing centers in the U.S.A., Switzerland, Germany and China, as well as with distributors around the world. To maximize usage, the video was created with limited text on screen and no voice-over. The visual format allowed the piece to be used by the global sales team and in a diverse variety of marketing efforts, without redundant versioning or complicated distribution.

The creative team at Stifel Marcin has extensive experience in industrial video production, and was able to film footage, utilize stock sequences and create animations in-house to help control costs. Designs and positioning aligned with overall brand positions, creating a final piece that fit seamlessly into ongoing marketing efforts.

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During our long partnership, Stifel Marcin has supported SFC KOENIG’s marketing efforts across a variety of channels and campaigns. From yearly planning to ongoing initiatives to special projects, our team puts our full-service marketing capabilities and B2B expertise to work every day for this leading B2B organization. Explore our work for SFC KOENIG, including:

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