Marketing Campaign for Brand Positioning

Marketing Campaigns

The Creative Strategy

An integrated campaign for OKAY Industries, a leading international manufacturer of medical components and assemblies, required Stifel Marcin to develop a smart, creative campaign and strategic positioning across marketing that included ads, web development, content marketing, digital marketing, email, and corporate branding.

One of the key creative assets developed for OKAY Industries was a Brand Standard Guide which helped to ensure that all creative developed would be maintained consistently across facilities.

Additionally, OKAY Industries tasked Stifel Marcin with the introduction and branding of their NexTech Lab, a cutting-edge prototype and process development unit, as well as their recruitment advertising.

After an evaluation of the market, global conditions, customer data and company views, Stifel Marcin developed a comprehensive plan to help drive the company forward.

Working as a collaborative partner, OKAY Industries was able to make certain it reached customers powerfully and cost-effectively.


An expanding company, OKAY Industries needed to position its brand for what it is today, and what it will be, as the company actively grows. Stifel Marcin worked with the OKAY team to understand core value positions and key differentiators, and set out to develop a full, integrated B2B campaign, including creative and strategic assets. The mission of OKAY Industries is to be a purpose-driven brand, its efforts to engineer and manufacture life-saving solutions, and the necessity of creating cost-effective assets that could work across different media, combined into a powerful campaign designed with measurable results. The core campaign championed the company’s benefits and took a “big picture” approach, moving the brand to a larger, more sophisticated, and visionary level designed to resonate with the target audience.

Ongoing Marketing Support

The year-over-year plan included the development of a marketing budget and plan, identification of exact company needs, and the creation of a comprehensive marketing program designed around OKAY Industries’ needs and goals. Stifel Marcin was responsible for all aspects – strategically deploying and producing a range of assets for the digital and traditional media platforms, as well as negotiating costs for paid placements.

“The Stifel Marcin team has truly become an extension of our team. They have helped create internal brand alignment and have consistently delivered strategic and thoughtful marketing solutions that drive leads, build brand awareness and loyalty.” – Marie

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