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Outsource B2B Marketing Services: 5 Tips

Whether it’s workload challenges or shifting day-to-day needs, many organizations struggle with how to effectively develop and implement marketing strategies. Choosing to outsource B2B marketing services to an experienced agency can be a wise investment. The right partner will work with you to craft a solution that meets your needs and budget, and most importantly, effectively achieve your goals.

When companies decide to outsource their marketing, many find they can sustain their initiatives for a longer period than if efforts were handled in-house. We often hear from companies that they significantly increased their KPIs (key performance indicators) after they partner with our marketing firm.

An agency partnership can provide access to specialists with knowledge and resources that you likely don’t have in-house. Collaborating with that expertise can ensure effective strategies are developed, and your plans are built with a detailed knowledge of platforms, tactics and trends. Additionally, when you outsource B2B marketing services to an agency, they offer integrated teams that are accustomed to working to meet budget and timeline requirements.

Maximizing Results When You Outsource B2B Marketing Services

If your company has decided it is best to outsource some or all of your marketing needs, here are some tips that will help you optimize the process. If you are still evaluating solutions and not ready to start contacting vendors, check out our article about what to look for in a marketing agency.

Be Clear About Your Goals

As a team, identify and discuss your marketing goals. Perhaps it’s brand awareness, lead generation, revenue growth, or increased engagement. Share your KPIs with potential partners, and explain why and how you are evaluating those metrics.

At Stifel Marcin – The B2B Marketing Agency, when we start to work with a new client who has clearly identified KPIs, we are better able to make strategic recommendations and craft plans that effectively work toward, and even surpass, those goals. Beyond the KPIs the agency is judged on, we are here to help you and your team succeed.

Do Some Calculations

Estimate (or clearly define if you can) what your budget is for marketing services. This information will be very helpful during initial consultations with a prospective agency partner. It might be tempting to talk more generally to see “what it will cost,” but this can be confusing and even counterproductive. With the incredibly wide variety of options available to marketers today, and the rising costs of media buys (such as PPC ad placements), your agency partner may suggest ideas – that while viable and valuable – quite simply are not in your budget.

Research the Right Type of Agency

The right marketing can take your business to the next level, so finding an agency partner that fits your needs is crucial. If, for example, you need assistance with recruitment marketing, speak with an agency with proven results in that vertical. In the B2B world, an agency experienced with the nuances, opportunities and challenges of your industry can make all the difference. At Stifel Marcin, our team is well versed in B2B, and for more than 20 years has helped brands convey their story, benefits and solutions to the right target audiences.

Create an RFP

A request for proposal (RFP) allows for clear comparison among agencies. Defining the scope of the project, the reference materials you already have, what you can provide, and what you expect for results will set the stage for success. Agencies may have a wide variety of approaches, and being clear can help you make an “apples-to-apples” comparison of the differences in tactics, costs and expected deliverables you will have when you outsource B2B marketing services.

When you have internal marketing resources – existing materials, research documents, assets, brand standards and more – share that insight in your RFP as well. If you identify where you are looking for agency input, and how you can support the agency’s efforts, often this can impact costs and deliverables. Try to be as clear and specific as possible. When a client tells us why and how they want to help in the process we can properly plan.

For instance, if your team will be writing the technical content because you better understand the nuances of a product, or if you plan to code an agency-produced design into your private CRM, we can help plan budgets, timelines and cost. Overall, a detailed RFP gives the understanding that results in a detailed (and accurate) quote.

Keep an Open Line of Communication

The best laid plans should be continually evaluated. One of the challenges of being an outside agency is that we don’t know what happens “in-house”. With regularly scheduled check-ins, meetings and discussions we can improve our understanding of your business and any changes happening in your industry that could impact marketing and sales. This allows us to adjust our tactics accordingly.

Collaborative Relationships Drive Successful Results

Choosing to outsource your B2B marketing services can be a big decision. Stifel Marcin is here to answer your questions and listen to your needs. Contact us and let’s get started.

Stifel Marcin – The B2B Marketing Agency

Unlike many advertising and marketing agencies, B2B isn’t just something that we do, it’s all we do. We’ll work to help your brand achieve its goals through the strategic combination of creativity, communication and technology. Our focused client intake processes give us the ability to thoroughly understand your business, products and objectives, working to identify the competitive advantages and opportunities that will grow awareness, leads and sales. We develop innovative marketing plans with strategic, data-driven processes, presenting complex ideas and compelling messages that position your business ahead of the competition. As your cooperative partner, our integrated B2B marketing agency is dedicated to your success. Whatever your outsourcing needs, we can help. Reach out today.

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