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Increase Open and Click Rates With Email Campaigns That Deliver

Our full service email marketing agency service can help your brand regularly connect with new and existing customers, so you remain top of mind.


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“The Stifel Marcin team has truly become an extension of our team. They have… consistently delivered strategic and thoughtful marketing solutions to drive leads, build brand awareness and loyalty.” – Marie

From quarterly email newsletters, to messages triggered by touchpoints within sales cycles, email marketing offers the opportunity to connect with customers on a platform they engage with every day.

Since 2001, Stifel Marcin’s full service email marketing agency team of award-winning designers and copywriters has developed strategies that keep customers informed and generate leads and sales.

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Stifel Marcin is a full service email marketing agency.

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Taking Your B2B Email Leads & Developing Strategic Campaigns

A well-thought-out email strategy can convey key brand positions – such as technical expertise and leadership – while also letting customers and potential customers know important product information. Most importantly, content-driven B2B email marketing creates an additional touchpoint and keeps your company top of mind throughout the consumer journey.

When planning your email distribution strategy, we help you tap into active and inactive contact lists to nurture warm leads and revive cold leads. We can also help grow your list, with strategic list buys and account based marketing techniques. As your email communications hit inboxes, we track performance and engagement by monitoring stats including open, bounce and click rates.

Email marketing can be relatively low-cost compared to traditional postage-case direct marketing methods and can be evaluated based on reportable performance analytics to identify value and return. Our full service email marketing agency includes regularly scheduled newsletters or individualized messages triggered by a specific action, and these email efforts are all highly-trackable. Our B2B email marketing services typically fall into four categories:

  • Custom messages sent to a trade publication’s contact list
  • Paid content placements in publication emails (trade newsletters, etc.)
  • Custom messaging triggered by points in the sales cycle (often generated by your CRM)
  • Custom email messages focused on content and news, sent to your contact list

Connect with us to discuss how our full service email marketing agency solutions can power up your results.

Sales-Cycle-Driven B2B Email Marketing

Sales-cycle-driven email marketing is often part of a company’s CRM (customer relationship management) system. The system automatically triggers a message to be sent based on specific actions, such as:

  • They submit a quote
  • They didn’t convert to a sale or are inactive
  • They are part of a specific group identified by a contact property, such as job title,  company or industry

No matter what the action, or lack of action, that triggers it, sales-cycle-driven B2B email marketing can provide effective results. Often, we find that companies have tried to work within their CRM’s automated capabilities and have missed important steps. Sometimes email messages are unbranded and inconsistent, projecting an unclear position. Either way, our B2B email marketing agency experts are here to develop the right message and the right distribution strategy for your business.

B2B Full Service Email Marketing Agency Lists, Mailing & Reporting Services

Whether you have an existing CRM or simply a stand-alone list, B2B email marketing allows for highly-targeted messaging to specific audiences. We can sort messages by market, job role or region, and create email marketing materials specifically tailored to a reader’s interest.

If you don’t have an existing list of contacts, we can help. Stifel Marcin’s team of expert B2B professionals will work with you to identify key demographics and develop a list focused on your B2B marketing goals.

Stifel Marcin also provides B2B email marketing distribution services, including compliance with FCC regulations, organizing lists, and content and data reporting. After your message is mailed, we can track key actions and data to help evaluate your B2B email marketing performance, report that information to you, and leverage it to inform your future email marketing strategies.

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