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The art of creating compelling messages that impel customers to act requires knowing what to say, how to say it and where your messages should appear.

“The staff of Stifel Marcin is not only efficient, creative and thoughtful in their approaches, but they truly care about their clients.” – Elizabeth

Communication is at the heart of everything we do. For 20+ years we’ve provided expert B2B content marketing agency services that create impact and get customers to act. And we’re ready to bring our expertise to your project.

With our unique understanding of B2B markets, we support clients with a specialized knowledge that allows us to connect readers with technical, complex and industrial subjects. We promote your brand’s benefits, and connect with the hearts and minds of your customers.

Our integrated marketing solutions and expert B2B content marketing services allow us to create and deliver messaging the drives awareness, sales and results. Together, lets power up your marketing results.

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Just a Few of the Brands We Work With

Effective In Every Channel

Content is all around us, in physical and digital instances, and as consumers, we recognize the increasing availability of information. Since 2001, Stifel Marcin has built a reputation offering effective B2B content marketing services, crafting the messages and the strategies that turn prospects into customers, and grow brands.

We expertly combine branding, messaging, placement and data analysis with effective B2B content marketing services that deliver results and more touchpoints in the sales cycle.

Experience our difference, and see how we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Stifel Marcin offers the leading B2B content marketing agency services in CT

B2B Content Marketing Guided by Strategy

Everything in marketing should be done with purpose.  Words, visuals, assets and deployment channels must be carefully and strategically developed to ensure you marketing spend generates the return it should.

At Stifel Marcin, every effort is based on the strategic plan and client goals. We evaluate opportunities, optimize budgets across channels, and craft content that drives brands forward – with every word and every visual purposefully created.

We take a collaborative approach, and work with clients to develop and implement strategies that maximize the return of our B2B content marketing services. By combining your knowledge with our B2B marketing expertise and full-service capabilities, we achieve results.

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Our Expertise, At Your Service

Whether you are looking for an integrated marketing partner or simply need support on a specific project or initiative, we are here to help you power up your results. Explore some of our B2B content marketing services, as well as our full-service solutions:

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Turning Content Into Results

For almost two decades, Stifel Marcin has helped clients grow their brands and their businesses. We present products and services in the framework of key brand messaging and benefit positions, and elevate your story in a way that gets customers to act. From website text to press releases to social content – our B2B content marketing agency services get results.

As a full-service agency, we bring our multi-disciplined expertise to every project, and every effort is guided by purposeful strategy. From digital to traditional applications, Stifel Marcin is ready to help you evaluate performance, improve engagement, and maximize your return.

Whether you need an integrated marketing agency, a set scope of work, or the support of our B2B content marketing services, our team is here to help. Connect with us, and together, let’s create powerful results.

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